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Ace Tomato workers continue to fight for a fair contract

MANTECA, CA- Dozens of farm workers and community supporters gathered across from ACE Tomato company’s headquarters in Manteca on Tuesday, August 21st, to demanding the company to implement a fair contract.        Continue reading

Opinion: Latino Vote National Tour Welcome to Stockton

By Fr. Dean McFalls

As a Caucasian American born into the middle class and raised in Seattle, I always considered citizenship, voting, and making a political difference as a foregone conclusion.  It never dawned on me that huge sectors of American society might feel themselves isolated, counted-out, or systematically unwelcome in the process of self-determination and of shaping the future of this great democratic nation. Continue reading

Farm workers continue Chavez Legacy

By Dennis Rocha

Sacramento, CA — Only two days away from celebrating the 85th anniversary of civil rights activist Cesar Chavez’s birthday, dozens of farm workers and supporters along the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) continued the legacy of Chavez on Thursday, March 29 at the State Capitol, as they lobbied for a union-sponsored bill that will promote fair treatment to all farmworkers.

Assembly Member Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) and the UFW, showed his support towards the heat regulation.

The Farm Worker Safety Act of 2012 Assembly Bill (AB) 2346 will ensure that water, shade and breaks are provided to farmworkers and will rigorously penalize noncompliance by making growers and farm labor contractors accountable for heat-related illness. “In 2005, the state passed a law that gives farmworkers the right to have access to drinking water, shade and breaks,” said Erica Lomeli, UFW Civic Participation and Policy Director. However, he explained that although we have these laws, the state fails to enforce them.  

“It is absolutely abhorrent to think that in this day and age, farm workers are not regularly provided with shade and water,” said author of the bill Assemblywoman Betsy Butler, (D-Los Angeles) in a press release. “AB 2346 will move California’s heat-illness prevention law from being merely well-intentioned to effective in saving lives.”

The Farm Worker Safety Act will cost nothing to Californians says Lomeli

“Next month the temperatures will be twice as hot as they are now… we have to save the lives of the farm workers, there cannot be a number seventeen,”—according to the Union at least 16 farm workers have died since 2005.

62-year old Antonio Albarengua from Mendota, California was among the nearly 100 farmworkers from throughout the Central Valley who gathered to share with assembly members the story of what is like the everyday life of a farm worker.

“I have worked in the fields for a very long time, in different crops. We are the ones that strengthen our communities, all the fruit that we harvest goes to the tables of many families,” said Albarengua.

UFW members in Sacramento

Assembly Members Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) and other assembly members showed their support towards the heat regulation.

“My family`s story started while working in the fields of the Central Valley,” said Assembly Member Lara, as he related his life to the many farmworkers.

“I represent Gilroy, Watsonville, Salinas, Hollister, areas where there are many farmworkers,” said Assembly Member Alejo.  “There are 23 Latinos legislators in California, in November we can reach up to 30, we are gradually achieving the dream of Cesar and the Farm Worker Union, of not only achieving better working conditions in the fields but also the day when children of farmers become the leaders in the medical, education, business and law fields.”



UFW Starts Negotiations in San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County — “We are slaves in the U.S.” said Jose Garcia, a resident of Stockton, during a general meeting with United Farm Workers Union (UFW) at the Comisión Honorifica Mexicana (Honorific Mexican Commission) on Wednesday, March 7th.

Continue reading

UFW Pilgrimage Ends with Direct Message to Brown

By Mayra Barrios

(bw news) SACRAMENTO, CA – “Today the pilgrimage ends, but the struggle continues,” said Arturo Rodriguez, president
of the United Farm Workers (UFW) at the rally in Sacramento that concluded the 13-day march of the UFW. Continue reading

The Fight Continues: Farm workers walk asking better working conditions


By Mayra Barrios

ACE Tomato Regional Wokers

(bw) San Joaquin Valley — In 1962 1966 Carolina Holguin marched along the leader Cesar Chavez through the streets of San Joaquin County. Every step of a long journey was to demand better working conditions for farm workers. Today, 30 45-years later, Holguin steps` are slower but move with the same objective towards the State’s Capitol in Sacramento. Continue reading

Central Valley Walk for Union Rights: UFW plans Madera County to State Capital march — Stockton stop estimated on August 29th and 30th.

California — during the late hours of June 28, 2011 Governor Brown vetoed a bill that would have made it easier for farm workers to join a union. “I am not yet convinced that the far-reaching proposals of this bill – which alter in a significant way the guiding assumptions of the ALRA [Agricultural Labor Relations Board] – are justified,” Governor Brown wrote in his veto statement of SB 104 — Labor representatives: elections.

Continue reading

Commentary: Demanding Justice for Ma. Isabel

by John Morearty / Bilingual Weekly Contributor

A hundred people, brown and white young and old, stood Monday noon on the steps of the downtown San Joaquin County Courthouse. Continue reading

Dolores rocks alma mater

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

National labor activist and cofounder of the United Farm Workers (UFW) union, Dolores Huerta, made two significant visits to her hometown this past week: to her alma mater,  the University of the Pacific, and to the San Joaquin Delta College. Continue reading

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