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#159 Edition 3.19-3.25

#159 Edition 3.19-3.25

A new edition was released today. This edition includes an interviews, a political page, business page, sports, and more!

To view this edition visit:

Bilingual Weekly Newspapers are hyperlocal to San Joaquin County and are published once a week.

Lights open season throughout SJ cities

San Joaquin County, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Lodi, Tracy, Stockton and Manteca are hosting public and free activities to kick off the Christmas Season. This is a brief description of the most important. Continue reading

Dement, from real estate to real politician

Tracy, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Juana Dement is the sole Latino out of nine candidates for the Tracy City Council two available seats. This single fact moved us to ask her for an interview. This is what she said… Continue reading

Do you know what SJ measures are all about?

Bilingual Weekly –  There are six measures in San Joaquin County ballots for this November 2, 2010, election: three exclusive to Stockton residents, two to Tracy, and one to the county’s southernmost school district, Jefferson Elementary. Bilingual Weekly tried to simplify the language of these measures for our readers, here they are… Continue reading

Tracy’s Bean Fest

Sweet bean pies —made by Alfred Raoof of Santa Clara, from a recipe he had from West Virginia— are sold at the Tracy Dry Bean Festival on Saturday, September 11, 2010. Continue reading

Opinion:Appoint or Elect in Tracy?

By Thomas Benigno / Former elected Republican Central Committee Member

A few weeks ago there was an article in the Tracy Press that the Clerk was going to be taken off the ballot. The reasons were that it cost too much money to put the Clerk’s name on the ballot. Continue reading

Opinion:Whose Foreign Policy Caused The Problem?

Thomas Benigno / Past SJC Republican Central Committee Member

The real story is that Republicans of the past did good things for the communities in which they represented. They supported business and education and the rule of law. They tried to give everyone an equal break in the private sector, as well as the corporate world. Bush I thought that his foreign policy would help the economy. It didn’t. The short lived war that Bush I launched would come back to bite his son’s administration. Continue reading

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