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Many citizens are watching the battle between the parties, but many are asking what is the” TEA PARTY “and what do they stand for? Last week I went to a TEA PARTY meeting in Tracy at the civic center which was unusual in itself that they were able to use the facility. The meeting was open to the public although not many people attended. They had a guest speaker who I never heard of before but she was a very effective speaker.

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OPINION: Is it too early?

benignoThomas A Benigno
Former candidate for congress & business person.
Tracy, CA

Here we go again! Almost the third year into his term of president, Obama is campaigning for re-election.  One wonders what is next for America, and will President Obama win another term or not. Now on the other side, the republicans are staging an attack on president Obama as never before in the history of politics. The republican candidates are also coming out early on a bid for a candidate to take on President Obama in 2012. They themselves have started early to see who has the stamina and most of all, the money to get the nomination.  The candidates vary in many ways but all seem to be going after each other more so than the last election. The issues are varied from immigration, to a balanced budget, but to date none have seemed to strike at the heart of the problem which is the economy and jobs.

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OPINION: Thanks For Reading

benignoI just want to thank everyone for their comments about the articles in the bilingual weekly news paper. I started writing for the paper about 2 years ago, and I can assure you it’s been a labor of love for me. The opportunity to write ones thoughts and feeling these days is rare, with the entire backlash from the political pundits around these days. It makes me feel that America is still on tract and is one of the greatest countries in the world, where we can tell it like it is. The freedoms these days are getting scarce when one can’t say what they feel.

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Why Are We Still Friends With Pakistanis?

benignoAfter searching the world over for Osama Bin Laden we now have settled our debt with him and some of his associates who killed over 3,000 people at the twin towers on 911.

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Opinion: Civility in SJ Politics

Thomas A Benigno
Former elected member of the Republican Central Committee

Last week I learned about a meeting at the University of Pacific, hosted by a political professor or consultant from the College. The topic was to be on the Civility of Politics —meaning being polite & courteous— by the standards of the College. Continue reading

Opinion: How will you keep your retirement money?

Thomas Benigno / Former elected Republican Central Committee Member

I read that those who are on Social Security and have other income coming in will soon lose a big chunk of their money. Continue reading

Opinion: What’s Next For America?

Thomas Benigno
Former elected Republican Central Committee member

The Republicans say that now that they have taken over Congress again, we can look to prosperity in America. Continue reading

Opinion:City Managers Certified For What?

Thomas Benigno / Former elected Republican Central Committee member


I was watching, on a television channel, a topic about the business of our State Legislature in California. The topic was about the paid raises of city managers and other government officials. Continue reading

Extra Cash For Who?

Thomas A Benigno / Former Elected Republican Committee Member
I recently went to the DMV to get my registration renewal on my vehicle. I had a smog problem with a vehicle and had to get an extension to have it fixed. The smog center that performed the smog test said the vehicle passed the emissions test, and the catalytic converter test but failed on the “gas cap”. Continue reading

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