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SUNDAY COMMENTARY:Last Liftoff for a Historic Institution?

father dean

Fr. Dean of St. Mary’s church

It takes a gargantuan effort to launch even a single shuttle.  STS-135 “last Space Shuttle mission” is a bitter-sweet final launch.  Behind the scenes, thousands unseen heroes all collaborate in what amounts to a minor miracle every time a mission is successfully brought to conclusion.

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Sunday Commentary: Christian Mission Today —Crossing the Great Divide

Fr. Dean McFalls, St. Mary’s Church, Stockton, CA
Special to Bilingual Weekly

Last Saturday’s Faith Section readers were treated to a battle of theologies. One columnist took the prophetic stance that modern Christians in a “Post-Christian” era have lost their credibility by focusing more on what they are against than what they are for, and by failing to minister compassion and tolerance. These misled conservatives cling to hypocritical standards which Jesus never intended for his church.  Continue reading

Commentary: Running from the Pharaoh’s Open Tomb

Fr. Dean McFalls / St. Mary’s Church, Stockton, CA

My brother is booked to fly to Cairo this Monday.   Having flown out from Seattle Thursday night for Amsterdam, he’d originally looked forward to an Egyptian stop-over en route to his mission in Kenya.  “I was hoping to spend a week or so on retreat in a Coptic monastery,” he lamented from the airport just before boarding… “I hope they’ll let me change my itinerary.” Continue reading

Sunday Commentary: A Short Life That Spanned the Great Abyss

Between the day she was born and the day she died the world had changed.

Father Dean McFalls / St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Stockton, CA / Special to Bilingual Weekly

If September 11, 2001 – Christina’s birthday – represented one of the lowest points we’ve hit in American history, January 8th, 2011 took us lower still. Continue reading

Sunday Commentary: The Things We Can’t Control or Understand

Father Dean McFalls / St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Stockton, CA
Special to Bilingual Weekly

Sometimes nature seems to go nuts.  In fact, it’s been happening since the beginning of time.  We see evidence in fossil remains of species suddenly gone extinct, in layers of sedimentary rock mysteriously devoid of any life traces, in weather patterns turned erratic from eons gone by.  We speculate of super-novas and solar flares bombarding the planet with cosmic rays, of comets shifting earth’s axis and giant meteorites slamming into its porous surface, of catastrophic earthquakes and devastating volcanic activity. Continue reading

Winging our Way to a Place of Hope and Promise

Fr. Dean McFalls / St. Mary’s  Church / Special to Bilingual Weekly
Wednesday morning, Shreveport got an extra dose of nationwide attention.  
During the Air Force’s late-game victory over Georgia Tech, one of the military’s falcon mascots took off flying.  In fact, it just kept on flying right out of the stadium.  ESPN’s cameras caught it winging its way to freedom. Continue reading

A Child is Born for Us, a Son Sent from Heaven

Fr. Dean McFalls, St. Mary‘s Parish, Stockton
Special to Bilingual Weekly

Monday at midnight, a knock came on the door.  “Who could that be?” we asked ourselves.  Were we already close enough to Christmas that Santa might be here? Continue reading

Catholics fill Weber Point with music

Todas las fotos ©2010 Mónica C. Radrigán/Bilingual Weekly

Two spectators show their pleasure as they hear Christian blind performer Sandy Caldera during the Concert of Praise/Festival of Joy, on Sunday, September 5, 2010. Continue reading

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