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California Republican Women Federated Elects First Latina

STOCKTON, CA – It is an historical first, that a Latina was elected by her peers at a statewide conference held
in Visalia, CA during the weekend of October 22 – 23, 2011, to vote on new leadership. The
California Republican Women Federated is the largest Republican Women Federated Club in
the United States.

Stockton’s very own Carol Trujillo Hadley, was elected as the 2012/2013 President of the
California Republican Women Federated (CRWF). Her term commences on January 1, 2012
and ends on December 31, 2013.

Carol had previously held the elected position of the California Federation Republican Women
Vice President Central.

Her extensive political experience has ranged from being the Executive Director of the San
Joaquin County Central Committee (twice), Campaign Consultant for various campaigns
throughout the United States, as well as Campaign Director for Shabbir Khan, San Joaquin
County Treasurer/Tax Collector.

Hadley has volunteered for various campaigns which included local, state and federal offices.
She has served on various local and statewide committees for the Republican Party, ranging
from “Health and Aging” issues to include various other statewide issues. She has and is
presently a Delegate to the California Republican Party.

According to Hadley one of her proudest achievements was the formation of the Latinas United Republican
Women Federated, California’s only Latina Republican women’s club.

Hadley will bring her ideas of female empowerment to the forefront of political policy decisions, ” I
believe Republican women need to be more involved. It is imperative on us to educate, invest
and encourage women to elective office”, stated Carol.

The California Federation of Republican Women is a distinguished organization of politically
active women, who support, encourage and inform women throughout the state about the
Republican political philosophy and necessary participation.

For additional information on the Latinas United Republican Women Federated, contact Evelia
Amador – (209) 333-7377

4th of July Pararde



STOCKTON, ca -The Miracle Mile Association will celebrate the 4th of July with a Parade along Pacific Avenue. Organizers plan to have entertainment, food, and lots of fun with an all American Sprit. The parade is scheduled on Monday, July 4, 2011 at starting at 10:00 AM at the corner of Harding way and Pacific Avenue and finish South of the University of Pacific Campus. For more information e-mail or dial (209) 463-7982.


Telephone Town Hall Covers Issues Such as Medicare

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-11) announced that he will hold a telephone town hall to discuss Medicare and other issues of importance to residents of the 11th Congressional District (parts of San Joaquin, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara counties). The telephone town hall will take place on Tuesday, June 21st from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PST.

Residents from cities throughout the 11th Congressional District will be contacted by phone and, if they choose to participate, will join an hour-long telephone town hall meeting during which they will be able to ask questions of Rep. McNerney. Residents of the 11th Congressional District can also contact one of Rep. McNerney’s offices to sign up in advance for the telephone town hall.

Rep. McNerney’s Stockton office can be reached at 209-476-8552 and the Pleasanton office at 925-737-0727. Members of the press who are interested in joining the telephone town hall should contact Sarah Hersh via email at


Information Provided by the Office of Congressman Jerry McNerney


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Opinion: Civility in SJ Politics

Thomas A Benigno
Former elected member of the Republican Central Committee

Last week I learned about a meeting at the University of Pacific, hosted by a political professor or consultant from the College. The topic was to be on the Civility of Politics —meaning being polite & courteous— by the standards of the College. Continue reading

Opinion: Accountability is Key to Stability

Ed’s note: This is the second of two opposing views of yesterday, January 8, 2011, shooting in Arizona.

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

Like most of our nation, I was appalled to hear of the massacre in Tucson, Arizona which included six people killed and 12 others shot. Among those killed were a federal judge, a nine year old girl recently elected to her school student council, and a campaign manager for Democratic Congresswoman Gifford, who was the primary target and first to be shot-point blank in the head. Continue reading

Opinion:Is It A New Day?

Thomas A  Benigno / Former Republican Central committee member

By the time this article is published the election will be over. We hope everyone that was registered voter voted. The big question now, will your life be any different? Continue reading

Opinion:Your Vote is Our Voice

Motecuzoma Sanchez / Bilingual Weekly Guest Columnist

This election, as others, is very important to the future and current welfare of our people and communities. Some would argue, including me, that this election is more relevant than usual. On November 2nd (ironically Dia de los Muertos), our State will decide the Governor who will lead our State for the next four years, as well as many propositions that have the potential to have a great impact on our population. Of course there are also the local races. Continue reading

Opinion:Insult to Injury

Thomas Benigno / Bilingual Weekly Contributor

The stunning allegations by Meg Whitman‘s house keeper, Ms. Nicky Diaz, is that Ms. Whitman knew that Ms, Diaz was a non documented worker. Now Ms. Whitman says it was her husbands fault, and that he didn’t follow through with the necessary paper work. Continue reading

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