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Statewide initiatives results

Sacramento, CA / Bilingual Weekly

California voters have spoken and there will not be a regular marihuana store at your corner anytime soon, vehicle registration will not be increased to pay for state parks and the Pollution Control Act will not be suspended, in spite of the $8-million —mainly from Texas’ oil companies donations— campaign in its favor. Continue reading

Jerry Brown stops at Victory Park


Brown sign autographs at Vistory Park’s Rose Garden on Sat. Oct. 30, 2010

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Jerry Brown spent less than half an hour this past Saturday, October 30, 2010, speaking to supporters and signing autographs at Stockton’s Victory Park, but that was enough for the three hundred people crowd who showed up spite the short notice. Continue reading

Latinos react to don’t vote ad

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

An Univision-aired ad asking Latinos to refrain from voting on this week’s general elections caused so much stir around the country that the Spanish TV chain decided to pull it off. Continue reading

Do you know what SJ measures are all about?

Bilingual Weekly –  There are six measures in San Joaquin County ballots for this November 2, 2010, election: three exclusive to Stockton residents, two to Tracy, and one to the county’s southernmost school district, Jefferson Elementary. Bilingual Weekly tried to simplify the language of these measures for our readers, here they are… Continue reading

Opinion-America’s Hangover

Thomas Benigno / Columnist / Bilingual Weekly

Here we are again, a few weeks away from another election. Do you know who you are going to vote for?

Myself I feel that things won’t change. The Republicans tell stories that it will be a sweep for them to take over Congress. I don’t think it will happen. The right “TEA PARTY”, who broke away from the GOP and split the party in half has created a new problem for the Republicans.

As for the Democrats, they are just moving along trying to make something happen. Continue reading

Opinion-Follow the Money

Carol Trujillo-Hadley / Columnist / Bilingual Weekly

Have just finished watching another political ad and again questioned the facts being spouted.

But, once the talking head finishes the ad, look to see who has paid for the ad. Continue reading

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