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Commentaries on the HPA election

Ed’s Note: the recent SJ HPA election news and commentaries published in our last issue caused many reactions among Stockton’s Latino community. Other than the comments written directly into the online articles, the following two letters are the only pieces approved for publishing by their authors… Continue reading

Opinion: On the HPA elections

Patrick Motecuzoma Sanchez

I believe the time for second guessing and current attempts at voiding the decisions made are counterproductive and out of order.

Continue reading

Opinion: The Hijacking of the PAC

Esther Vásquez / Bilingual Weekly Columnist

On February 17, 2011, Hispanics for Political Action (HPA) —the local Latino PAC (political action committee)— were to hold the election of its Board. Continue reading

HPA may have new president, or not

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

The San Joaquin County Hispanic Political Action Committee changed leadership. Then they might have not. Continue reading

Opinion: Accountability is Key to Stability

Ed’s note: This is the second of two opposing views of yesterday, January 8, 2011, shooting in Arizona.

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

Like most of our nation, I was appalled to hear of the massacre in Tucson, Arizona which included six people killed and 12 others shot. Among those killed were a federal judge, a nine year old girl recently elected to her school student council, and a campaign manager for Democratic Congresswoman Gifford, who was the primary target and first to be shot-point blank in the head. Continue reading

Opinion:Your Vote is Our Voice

Motecuzoma Sanchez / Bilingual Weekly Guest Columnist

This election, as others, is very important to the future and current welfare of our people and communities. Some would argue, including me, that this election is more relevant than usual. On November 2nd (ironically Dia de los Muertos), our State will decide the Governor who will lead our State for the next four years, as well as many propositions that have the potential to have a great impact on our population. Of course there are also the local races. Continue reading

Opinion-About Mexico and its Bicentennial

Motezucoma Sanchez / Guest Columnist / Bilingual Weeky

For two hundred years, Mexicans have celebrated their independence on September 16th. But 200 years later we must ask ourselves, are we really independent? Are we really free? Continue reading

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