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Elections 2010… just expensive

Meg Whitman, President and CEO of the online m...

Meg Whitman: $160M on losing bid - Image via Wikipedia

Bilingual Weekly

According to many news services throughout the country, the 2010 campaign was by far the most expensive midterm election in history. Continue reading

Opinion:Your Vote is Our Voice

Motecuzoma Sanchez / Bilingual Weekly Guest Columnist

This election, as others, is very important to the future and current welfare of our people and communities. Some would argue, including me, that this election is more relevant than usual. On November 2nd (ironically Dia de los Muertos), our State will decide the Governor who will lead our State for the next four years, as well as many propositions that have the potential to have a great impact on our population. Of course there are also the local races. Continue reading

Opinion:Insult to Injury

Thomas Benigno / Bilingual Weekly Contributor

The stunning allegations by Meg Whitman‘s house keeper, Ms. Nicky Diaz, is that Ms. Whitman knew that Ms, Diaz was a non documented worker. Now Ms. Whitman says it was her husbands fault, and that he didn’t follow through with the necessary paper work. Continue reading

What are they proposing to us?

Sacramento, CA / Bilingual Weekly

As the November 2, 2010, California General Election approaches, many voters make a desperate, last-minute effort to educate themselves about what they are going to vote for or about.  Candidates are a no-brainer, as long as they represent one of the two big parties. Propositions are murkier. Nine of them will be on the ballot and Bilingual Weekly made an effort to simplify it for you. Here they are: Continue reading

Opinion-Follow the Money

Carol Trujillo-Hadley / Columnist / Bilingual Weekly

Have just finished watching another political ad and again questioned the facts being spouted.

But, once the talking head finishes the ad, look to see who has paid for the ad. Continue reading

Opinion:The Empress has No Clothes

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

Many things we need to know as adults are learned as a child. When I was a child I recall reading the book, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,”  by Hans Christian Andersen, published in 1837.  It is a simple folk story about a King who has such totalitarian control over his subjects, the people, that they are in fear of him.

Continue reading

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