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INTERVIEW: Gretel Quintero, Immigrant and Immigrant Advocate

Gretel Quintero: bwnews

(bw) Gretel Quintero poses near Bilingual Weekly office in Stockton California

CALIFORNIA – At 13 years old, Gretel Quintero came across the border from Mexico to the United States without documentation: her single mother had a dream of a better life for her children. Continue reading

Faith: A Short Life with So Much Left to Remember

By Fr. Dean McFalls,

The Mossdale Bridge is an uninviting place to be on an early winter morning.

I ventured out on its aging wooden timbers the morning we began Angela’s services.  Already the sun was working hard to break through a cloud barrier.  A chilly wind mixed with cool air rising from the river down below.  With the gaps of empty space so visible between old railroad ties and through the grey metal grating, I made sure my cell phone and wallet were secure.  What seemed thoroughly insecure was my safety as I began climbing the staircase. Continue reading


SJCOE via Bilingual Weekly News        


Official seal of County of San Joaquin

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San Joaquin County, CA – The twenty-fifth annual San Joaquin County Science Olympiad Competition for grades 3-6 was held at Ronald McNair High School on Saturday, April 2. Thirty-five schools and fifty-nine teams from across the county participated in twenty-four different science events throughout the one-day competition. Top scoring students and teams received medals, plaques, and grants in addition to participation zipper pulls. Continue reading

Gold and Chocolate at the Mile

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly
The gold and chocolate filled Stockton’s Miracle Mile on the afternoon of Friday, September 17, 2010.
Under the theme “Douse the Flames” —in reference to an upcoming game against Lodi Continue reading

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