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Opinion: Stretching books to bullets is harder than stretching the truth

Roberto Radrigán / Bilingual Weekly Editor

According to Manteca Republican Frank Aquila’s opinion piece “The Tragedy after the AZ Shooting Tragedy” (Bilingual Weekly, 1/9/11) I may be not only a communist extremist, but I could start shooting people any minute. Continue reading

Choosing Life in a Dangerous World

Fr. Dean McFalls,  St. Mary’s Church, Stockton, CA

The transfer of Representative Gabrielle Giffords to a Houston hospital for physical therapy marks a major milestone in the nation’s recovery from the shocking events of January 8th.  Amazingly, she’s already walking with assistance, and even though she can’t yet talk, her courage speaks volumes. Continue reading

Sunday Commentary: A Short Life That Spanned the Great Abyss

Between the day she was born and the day she died the world had changed.

Father Dean McFalls / St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Stockton, CA / Special to Bilingual Weekly

If September 11, 2001 – Christina’s birthday – represented one of the lowest points we’ve hit in American history, January 8th, 2011 took us lower still. Continue reading

Congressman to move Stockton office in reaction to AZ Shooting

Dennis Cardoza


Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

The attempted murder of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in a “Your Corner” constituent appearance that resulted in the death of six people and Giffords seriously injured has caused some ripple effect in San Joaquin Valley Congress representatives. Continue reading

Opinion: Accountability is Key to Stability

Ed’s note: This is the second of two opposing views of yesterday, January 8, 2011, shooting in Arizona.

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

Like most of our nation, I was appalled to hear of the massacre in Tucson, Arizona which included six people killed and 12 others shot. Among those killed were a federal judge, a nine year old girl recently elected to her school student council, and a campaign manager for Democratic Congresswoman Gifford, who was the primary target and first to be shot-point blank in the head. Continue reading

Opinion: The Tragedy after the AZ. Shooting Tragedy

Ed’s note: This is the first of two opposing points of views about yesterday, January 8, 2011, shooting in Arizona

By Frank Aquila

The news of the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Gifford and the death of six other individuals, including Federal Judge John Roll and nine year old Christina Greene was both senseless and tragic. Continue reading

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