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It seems McNerney made it!

Harmer says it’s not over yet

McNerney (l) Harmer (r)

Pleasanton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Congressman Jerry McNerney has declared victory, but his Republican challenger David Harmer has not only said it’s not over, but has also commenced a campaign to pay for a likely recount once the final numbers are in. Continue reading

Elections 2010… just expensive

Meg Whitman, President and CEO of the online m...

Meg Whitman: $160M on losing bid - Image via Wikipedia

Bilingual Weekly

According to many news services throughout the country, the 2010 campaign was by far the most expensive midterm election in history. Continue reading

How Latinos, Dems, fared in San Joaquin?

Eggman and Cazares celebrate their victories at Chitivas

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

The mood at Chitivas Restaurant and Bar on Tuesday night was, to say the least, festive. Most of the candidates at hand had a reason to smile. Continue reading

Statewide initiatives results

Sacramento, CA / Bilingual Weekly

California voters have spoken and there will not be a regular marihuana store at your corner anytime soon, vehicle registration will not be increased to pay for state parks and the Pollution Control Act will not be suspended, in spite of the $8-million —mainly from Texas’ oil companies donations— campaign in its favor. Continue reading

Opinion:Is It A New Day?

Thomas A  Benigno / Former Republican Central committee member

By the time this article is published the election will be over. We hope everyone that was registered voter voted. The big question now, will your life be any different? Continue reading

Jerry Brown stops at Victory Park


Brown sign autographs at Vistory Park’s Rose Garden on Sat. Oct. 30, 2010

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Jerry Brown spent less than half an hour this past Saturday, October 30, 2010, speaking to supporters and signing autographs at Stockton’s Victory Park, but that was enough for the three hundred people crowd who showed up spite the short notice. Continue reading

Opinion:McNerney confident voters will see through rhetoric

Congressman McNerney shakes hands with supporters before the debate with opponent David Harmer on Saturday October 23, 2010 at Monte Vista High School in Tracy.

Tracy, CA / Bilingual Weekly

The Tracy Press’ Jerry McNerney-David Harmer debate on Saturday, October 23 was, to say the least, lively. Continue reading

Opinion:Harmer harmed, will harm Latinos

By Dolores Huerta. co-founder of the UFW
Special to Bilingual Weekly

Sadly, the economy is still tough here in San Joaquin County.  We all know far too many people who lost their homes or got laid off through no fault of their own. Continue reading

Stockton firefighters steadfast on salary, benefits demands

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

With the November election and its landmark Measure H a few days away, the City of Stockton is scheduled to respond to its firefighters’ union demand for salary increases and hiring of more personnel. Continue reading

Councilwoman Eggman: “I delivered”

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

2006: Eggman denounces City's desinterest for South Central Stockton

Susan Talamantes Eggman, the first Latina to serve in the Stockton City Council, was elected four years ago after exposing City neglect of Southside neighborhoods and problems. Now, thanks to the ongoing economic recession, things seem to be worse. As she seeks reelection, we dared to ask… Continue reading

Dement, from real estate to real politician

Tracy, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Juana Dement is the sole Latino out of nine candidates for the Tracy City Council two available seats. This single fact moved us to ask her for an interview. This is what she said… Continue reading

Opinion:Are You Prepared To Vote?

Carol Trujillo-Hadley / Bilingual Weekly Columnist

At no other time is it more important that you, as a voter, to be educated for who you are going to vote for.  Every candidate under the sun has been courting the “Latino” vote, as if we all are of one single mind. Latino’s have never voted as a block which is good to a certain point.  Continue reading

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