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Opinion: Latino Vote National Tour Welcome to Stockton

By Fr. Dean McFalls

As a Caucasian American born into the middle class and raised in Seattle, I always considered citizenship, voting, and making a political difference as a foregone conclusion.  It never dawned on me that huge sectors of American society might feel themselves isolated, counted-out, or systematically unwelcome in the process of self-determination and of shaping the future of this great democratic nation. Continue reading

Celebrating the Legacy of Cesar Chavez: UFW 50th Anniversary

Written By: Fr. Dean McFalls, St. Mary’s Church, Stockton CA 95202

Fifty years ago, a quiet farm-worker, together with a diverse gathering of people concerned with the rights and the wellbeing of those who labor in our fields and orchards, founded the United Farm Workers. A grass-roots organization supported by many leaders in the highest levels of American government, the UFW has changed for good the conditions of campesinos (farm workers) and all who work with them throughout the United States.  Continue reading

César Chávez Birthday Celebration in Stockton

Stockton, CA — On March 31st, the state of California will celebrate the birthday of César Estrada Chávez as a State holiday.  Continue reading

UFW Activist Richard Charvez Dies at 81

A United Farm Workers flag containing the Huel...

UFW Flag

Bakersfield, CA – Richard Chavez, advocate for farm workers rights died on Wednesday, July 27, 2011. The United Farm Worker Association (UFW) announced that his death resulted from the complications of a surgery in a hospital in Bakersfield, California. Chavez, born November 12, 1929 in Yuma, Arizona lived 81 years. Continue reading

Sowing the Seeds of Justice: the Story of Cruz Reynoso

STOCKTON, CA — El Juez Jubilado del Tribunal Supremo de California, Cruz Reynoso, el Abogado Maurice “Mo” Jourdane, y la cineasta Abby Ginzbert visitan el Condado de San Joaquín investidura cinematográfica y discusión sobre, “Sowing the Seeds of Justice: the Story of Cruz Reynoso,” (Sembrando Semillas de Justicia: La Historia de Cruz Reynoso) durate la tarde del 31 de Marzo, 2011; el cumpleaños Cesar Chavez. Continue reading

Huerta becomes Pacific’s Honoris Causa

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Rarely a degree-conferring ceremony ends with faculty, administrators and attendees shouting “People unite for the common good”

But then again, this was Dolores Huerta’s doctorate ceremony. So not only they shouted “wo n-zambee!*” (Swahili word for “People unite for the common good”) but also performed the “UFW” clapping routine. Continue reading

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