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God, the Earth and Ozone: Stockton’s Diocese pushes for clean air, pairing environmental advocacy with faith

Betsy Reifsnider's Office

A tall, brown-haired, soft-eyed woman sits back and laughs. On her office desk is a portrait of the Dalia Lama pasted next to Queen Elizabeth, and behind her desk hangs a green t-shirt that states, “Got Asthma?” It shows the lungs of a healthy child and the lungs of one in five children living in the San Joaquin Valley, one of the most polluted places in the country. Betsy Reifsnider’s unassuming cubicle looks like many in the environmental activist realm, but she is working for the Catholic Church, specifically Stockton’s Diocese–and she is in the lead. As part of a growing national movement pairing ecology with faith, Reifsnider has the only paid Catholic environmental advocacy position in the nation. Continue reading

God, the Earth and Ozone: A Photo Essay. Stockton’s Catholic Church blends environmental activism with faith, leading the nation.

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As part of a national and international movement, Catholic leaders, the pope, bishops, parishioners and priests are taking a stand on climate change. The local community and the San Joaquin Valley stands to benefit, as new laws regarding air pollution and global warming are enforced, and the green movement brings new jobs to the area, improving the health of residents and hinting at a new future for Stockton.

Quinceañeras: Redefine Rite of Passage Celebrations Paying a High Tab. (bwnews) SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, CA – Obdulia Chavez, owner of Stockton’s based Vanessa’s Decoration takes detailed information to ensure that she makes dreams to a reality. For over 8-years Chavez has fined tuned her specialty in understanding her clients — 15-year-old teens who dream of having their Quinceñera parties (Tradicional Latino 15th Birthday parties similar to a Sweet Sixteen), “Every year the demand for more specialized themes challenges the industry,” explained Chavez. Continue reading

A God Who Will Not Be Re-Invented.

Fr. Dean McFalls, St. Mary’s, Stockton, on

Trinity Sunday (June 19, 2011) 

Last Sunday, the Word’s own interpreter made an appearance at St. Mary’s. Of course, the Mass is permeated with the Word, both in the scriptures read and in the content of our prayers – not to mention, we hope, in the homily – but this unique privilege was completely unexpected.  I had returned to the sanctuary after our fifth service, when all was quiet and soft music played. No one was present, but the afternoon light painted life-tones across the walls as it passed from heaven through the stained glass windows. A man was pacing back and forth in that open space between the people and the altar, reading aloud, as it were, to the spirit of the church.  He seemed to stop and go, as if uncertain how to pronounce the text.  Continue reading

Young Catholics to gather in Modesto

The guitar under Melendez's foot

Modesto, CA / Bilingual Weekly 

More than 1,000 Latino young Catholics are expected to gather at Modesto Centre Plaza for the 2011 Catholic Hispanic Youth and Young Adults Congress. Continue reading

Opinion-About Mexico and its Bicentennial

Motezucoma Sanchez / Guest Columnist / Bilingual Weeky

For two hundred years, Mexicans have celebrated their independence on September 16th. But 200 years later we must ask ourselves, are we really independent? Are we really free? Continue reading

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