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OPINION:Is God Testing America


I thought I would write on this subject to get some feedback from our readers.  Is America being tested or is the world just falling apart? It seems as though every day something new is happening around the world.  The wars we are fighting in the middle east and the earth quakes in Japan, the tsunamis all over the world, floods, tornados, hurricanes, people killing each other and so on. The point that I’m trying to make is every time there is a world disaster, the U.S. is there to help. We are spending billions on wars to keep the peace all over the world but America has a problem. Continue reading

Opinion: David vs. Goliath… and the Constitution

By Thomas A Benigno / Former Elected Republican Committee Member

On October 23rd I went to the 11th Congressional district forum in Tracy at the Monte Vista middle school, where the incumbent, Jerry Mc Nerney, David Harmer & David Christensen, all candidates for the 11th congressional district squared off to see who the best person for the job was. Continue reading

Opinion:Is It A New Day?

Thomas A  Benigno / Former Republican Central committee member

By the time this article is published the election will be over. We hope everyone that was registered voter voted. The big question now, will your life be any different? Continue reading

Opinion:Insult to Injury

Thomas Benigno / Bilingual Weekly Contributor

The stunning allegations by Meg Whitman‘s house keeper, Ms. Nicky Diaz, is that Ms. Whitman knew that Ms, Diaz was a non documented worker. Now Ms. Whitman says it was her husbands fault, and that he didn’t follow through with the necessary paper work. Continue reading

Opinion-America’s Hangover

Thomas Benigno / Columnist / Bilingual Weekly

Here we are again, a few weeks away from another election. Do you know who you are going to vote for?

Myself I feel that things won’t change. The Republicans tell stories that it will be a sweep for them to take over Congress. I don’t think it will happen. The right “TEA PARTY”, who broke away from the GOP and split the party in half has created a new problem for the Republicans.

As for the Democrats, they are just moving along trying to make something happen. Continue reading

Opinion:Appoint or Elect in Tracy?

By Thomas Benigno / Former elected Republican Central Committee Member

A few weeks ago there was an article in the Tracy Press that the Clerk was going to be taken off the ballot. The reasons were that it cost too much money to put the Clerk’s name on the ballot. Continue reading

Opinion:Whose Foreign Policy Caused The Problem?

Thomas Benigno / Past SJC Republican Central Committee Member

The real story is that Republicans of the past did good things for the communities in which they represented. They supported business and education and the rule of law. They tried to give everyone an equal break in the private sector, as well as the corporate world. Bush I thought that his foreign policy would help the economy. It didn’t. The short lived war that Bush I launched would come back to bite his son’s administration. Continue reading

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