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If you missed it: The State of the Union Address

Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address

United States Capitol Washington, D.C. 9:10 P.M. ET

State of the Union Address

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Energy Bills Increase in 2012

(bw) CALIFORNIA.— While the value of the dollar has decreased over the last several years and U.S. consumer prices increased to 3.4 percent over 2011 the cost of living continues to raise for Northern and Central California residents.

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The 2011 Top 10 Stories Most Read

As we begin 2012, Bilingual Weekly’s newsroom extracted the top 10 most read stories during the last 352 days.  Please note that the top 10 stories were not selected by the Bilingual Weekly’s staff, our team ran the English website’s analytics’ report which evaluates the hits received daily and it ranked each story from the highest number of hits to the lowest ranking in local news coverage. The following stories are briefs of the top 10 stories you, our readers clicked on.

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Veterans Day 2011, Frank Reyes Dedicated to Serving his Community

DSC00415studentsdelta | Sarah Lippincott

In honor of Veterans Day, November 11th, Bilingual Weekly reached out to a member of our community who had served our country. We spoke with Vietnam Veteran Frank Reyes, who welcomed us into his home on November 10, 2011. As we visited with Reyes we met a humble person, an unsung hero to other Veterans. His service to America did not end at the closure of the Vietnam war, today, he continues to serve, annually he provides many Veteran organizations with countless volunteer hours as he helps with several tasks at each of the organizations he serves.

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Nuevo Centro de ayuda Hipotecaria intenta ayudar a toda la región

Por Mayra Barrios

SACRAMENTO, CA -La  Asociación  Nacional Federal de Hipotecas conocida como en ingles como Fannie Mae se asoció con la organización sin fines de lucro NeighborWorks  para abrir un Centro de Ayuda Hipotecaria en Sacramento con el fin de ayudar a los propietarios de viviendas en todo el Valle de San Joaquín.

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The Delta Water Wars Heat Up

Photo by Bilingual Weekly

Photo by Bilingual Weekly of the Delta | By Deanna Lynn Wulff

(bw news) STOCKTON, CA – Stockton is ground zero for the nation’s biggest and most troubling water war – nearly 25 million Californians get their water from the Delta, which surrounds the city in an intricate pattern of rivers, farms and levees. But the Delta faces multifaceted environmental and political problems, which have led to the decline of fisheries, wildlife and water quality, and special interests are directing the dialogue away from resolution and restoration.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Lloyd G. Carter, former Fresno Bee reporter and President of the Save Our Streams Council. “I have watched this for 30 years. They’ve been searching for a solution to the Delta’s problems for decades. It’s what I call the phenomena of endless studies no results. We know what we have to do. Put water back into the Delta.” Continue reading

September garden chores

A garden with a lawn | From the San Joaquin Master Gardeners, by Marcy Sousa

Protect your backyard grape crop from scavenging birds. Attach flash tape to some of the branches; or, place netting over the vines and secure it to the ground.

  • Pick pears, late season apples, late peaches. Irrigate if rains have not started. Pick up all fallen fruit; compost if possible.
  • Fertilize citrus for the last time this year.
  • Tomato hornworms are arriving late this year. Look for them when they are actively munching on your tomato leaves, early in the morning or just after sunset.
  • Plant a short row of lettuce every two weeks until mid-October. The loose leaf varieties, including Green Ice and Ruby, do best here. Continue reading

New Mortgage Help Center for region

by Mayra Barrios

SACRAMENTO, CA -The Federal National Mortgage Association known as Fannie Mae partnered with the non-profit organization NeighborWorks on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 10 Am for an open house gathering of a new Mortgage Help Center in Sacramento to help struggling homeowners throughout the San Joaquin Valley.
After the success of the nearest center in Los Angeles, the Sacramento center will provide free education and one on counseling services to families who have mortgages owned by Fannie Mae.

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Quinceañeras: Redefine Rite of Passage Celebrations Paying a High Tab. (bwnews) SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, CA – Obdulia Chavez, owner of Stockton’s based Vanessa’s Decoration takes detailed information to ensure that she makes dreams to a reality. For over 8-years Chavez has fined tuned her specialty in understanding her clients — 15-year-old teens who dream of having their Quinceñera parties (Tradicional Latino 15th Birthday parties similar to a Sweet Sixteen), “Every year the demand for more specialized themes challenges the industry,” explained Chavez. Continue reading

An Interview with California’s Secretary of Natural Resources – John Laird Special to bw by Deanna Lynn Wulff

John Laird

CALIFORNIA- John Laird has a pivotal and powerful position. As the new California Secretary of Natural Resources, he is at the center of controversial issues such as Delta water management and park and wildlife protection. Continue reading

UFW Activist Richard Charvez Dies at 81

A United Farm Workers flag containing the Huel...

UFW Flag

Bakersfield, CA – Richard Chavez, advocate for farm workers rights died on Wednesday, July 27, 2011. The United Farm Worker Association (UFW) announced that his death resulted from the complications of a surgery in a hospital in Bakersfield, California. Chavez, born November 12, 1929 in Yuma, Arizona lived 81 years. Continue reading

E-Verify for Legal Status Debated in Washington

UOPtakesonimmigrationandgirl9.15.10(bw) Washington, DC — on June 14th, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) introduced House Resolution (HR) 2164 “the Legal Workforce Act” — a bill which expands the E-Verify system making it mandatory for all U.S. employers.
“E-Verify is a successful program to help ensure that jobs are reserved for citizens and legal workers,” explained Congressman Smith.


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