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If you missed it: The State of the Union Address

Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address

United States Capitol Washington, D.C. 9:10 P.M. ET

State of the Union Address

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The 2011 Top 10 Stories Most Read

As we begin 2012, Bilingual Weekly’s newsroom extracted the top 10 most read stories during the last 352 days.  Please note that the top 10 stories were not selected by the Bilingual Weekly’s staff, our team ran the http://www.bilingualweekly.com English website’s analytics’ report which evaluates the hits received daily and it ranked each story from the highest number of hits to the lowest ranking in local news coverage. The following stories are briefs of the top 10 stories you, our readers clicked on.

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Thomas Benigno of Tracy, CA

I imagine that most of the voters have been watching the results of the debates & the forums that the republican candidates have been having. It seems as though it’s a cat fight for the candidate of choice. Just recently Herman Cain has taken an early lead in all the polls, but I have not heard anyone talking about why it is that he is in the lead. I can see that a few of the candidates as Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman have shot themselves in the foot. The others are just not being featured as the person the republicans want. Even Mitt Romney is not a strong contender for the prize. Herman Cain seems to be the one everyone wants. Is it that he is black and might take some votes away from Obama to even the race? Many have said that Herman Cain will not get the Latino vote, so if Obama loses part of the black vote and some of the Latino vote, we could have a close race. The TEA Party has pretty much endorsed Cain but that could change. Ron Paul has always been a steady contender but is not recognized by the Republican Party, as is Newt Gingrich. So what we are seeing is a fight that won’t make much difference in the primary, but will impact the race against Obama if the right republican is chosen.

The real story will be who the voters vote for to represent the Republican Party, especially with the TEA Party splitting the party in 3rd’s. Many hope that the independent voters will take over and the challenger will be a strong candidate against Obama. One thing for sure, the republicans won’t be spending a lot of money on any candidate to beat Obama, knowing very well that Obama has raised millions to win the seat. Let’s hope whoever wins will work harder to get this country back on track.

Thomas A. Benigno

Former Congressional Candidate

Tracy, CA

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