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Tax Agreement Includes Important Measures for Latino Families More work lies ahead to address restrictions placed on immigrant taxpayers

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an expansive tax package that will make permanent improvements to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) enacted in 2009. Together, the EITC and CTC help to dramatically reduce poverty levels for Latino families each year. NCLR (National Council of La Raza) applauds lawmakers for their efforts to make sure that hardworking low-income families can get needed tax relief. Alone, these changes would represent a laudable win for the Latino community; however, some lawmakers in Congress were still determined to use this opportunity to target immigrants and included restrictive language in the agreement that NCLR doesn’t support.

“The expansions to the EITC and CTC in 2009 have since helped millions of working families make ends meet. Congress making these expansions permanent now is an important step for our community. We are pleased that lawmakers recognized the proven success of both anti-poverty programs and chose to act,” said Janet Murguía, President and CEO of NCLR. “Investing in measures that reward hard work is the key to building a healthier, more robust workforce that can strengthen our economy.”

The EITC amounts to as much as $6,143 per family, while the CTC can add up to $1,000 per child. Only people who are working are eligible for these programs, which are especially valuable for Latino workers, more than 40 percent of whom earn poverty-level wages.

Congressional action on the EITC and CTC is a result of the hard work and commitment of NCLR Affiliates and partner organizations in the business and progressive communities. Following countless letters, local events, op-eds, and a national poll, lawmakers responded to the advocacy efforts of Latinos across the country, who showed overwhelming support (91 percent) for making improvements to the EITC and CTC permanent without delay.

Unfortunately, some lawmakers cannot pass up an opportunity to attach anti-immigrant language to any measure and did so once again. The agreement will single out immigrant taxpayers specifically and bar millions who receive a Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) from accessing these vital tax credits in the future. Additionally, it will create potentially significant barriers for immigrants who file taxes using an ITIN.

“The House of Representatives took an important step today and millions of American working families will benefit. We are thankful for that. But Congress has once again singled out immigrant families for restrictions in legislation that has nothing to do with immigration policy. We cannot allow our community to continue to be targeted this way,” Murguía added.

Looking ahead, NCLR is committed to working with Congress and the administration to make sure that these restrictions do not harm children that tax credits do not lose their value due to inflation, and that childless low-wage workers may benefit in the future.

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Grasping at Straws: BDCP & DWR Drown Out Real Data

The California State Seal Outside that Natural Resources Building by Deanna Lynn Wulff

The California State Seal. Natural Resources Building

Gov. Brown’s twin tunnel plan has raised ire since its inception, but the battle has grown more heated with the publication of its latest economic report. Melinda Terry, manager of the North Delta Water Agency, called the document outright fraud, while state water contractors praised it with a fact sheet pointing out its strong points (primarily, its page length). Continue reading

Ace Tomato workers continue to fight for a fair contract

MANTECA, CA- Dozens of farm workers and community supporters gathered across from ACE Tomato company’s headquarters in Manteca on Tuesday, August 21st, to demanding the company to implement a fair contract.        Continue reading

Supreme Court Rules on Arizona’s Immigration Law; SB 1070

Seal of the United States Court of Appeals for...

Seal of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – This week the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit came to conclusion that Arizona’s controversial immigration legislation, Senate Bill (S.B.) 1070, was determined to be mostly unlawful following a 5 to 3 vote —which excluded Justice Kagen out of the 9 members— ruled in the case Arizona v. United States. 


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Protesters March against Stockton Police Brutality

Stockton, CA- Family and friends of James Rivera Jr. and Luther Brown, a man shot by Stockton police officers on Friday, April 6th, came together with members of the Occupy Oakland Movement in a protest on Tuesday, April 10 across the street from the Stockton Police Department headquarters in a demand for justice and a stop to police violence. Continue reading

Five ways California is helping the immigrant community

Pablo Rodriguez former CEO of Dolores Huerta Foundation

SACRAMENTO, CA – There’s no doubt immigration reform has a long way to go to ensure family reunification and a path to citizenship for the undocumented community. We must continue to fight for a federal DREAM Act and demand an end to Secure Communities and 287(g) programs that allow state and local law enforcement agencies to partner with ICE. But I remain hopeful because California had major victories last year that prove just how powerful uniting with dignity as our moral compass can be.

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CDC study explores role of drugs, drive-by shootings, and other crimes in gang homicides


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If you missed it: The State of the Union Address

Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address

United States Capitol Washington, D.C. 9:10 P.M. ET

State of the Union Address

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Carrying Forward the Vision of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream


By Mayra Barrios

(bw) STOCKTON, CA – Carrying forward the vision of Martin Luther King`s dream, diverse members of the community and outreach agencies came together to improve Stockton, gathering in the Gymnasium of St. Mary of the Assumption Church on Saturday, January 14th.

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2012 New Laws Favor Immigrants

downtown stkn 001




SACRAMENTO CA —As of the 1st of January, hundreds of new laws were enacted. Among the new laws are some that directly affect the daily lives of immigrant workers. Some of the laws favor those persons who are not here legally. “We are human being[s] and most of us believe in God; He gave us a common dignity as He did not provide political or borders laws,” noted Dean McFalls, Saint Mary’s Church Priest, as he believes the updates to the California Law are needed.

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Marshall Plan Scheduled

state of the cityCity of Stockton’s Marshall Plan to host first Stakeholder meeting: 7 months post announcement.

“We will be having a council study session on the Marshall Plan on January 31st,” clarified city of Stockton’s Mayor, Ann Johnston, during the first city council meeting of 2012.

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Pacific Appoints New Dean for McGeorge School of Law

D67380_14SACRAMENTO, CA – On January 5, 2011, University of the Pacific Provost Maria Pallavicini announced that Francis “Jay” Mootz has been appointed the next dean of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. Mootz is currently the William S. Boyd Professor of Law and associate dean for academic affairs and faculty development at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He will assume his new duties July 1.

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The 2011 Top 10 Stories Most Read

As we begin 2012, Bilingual Weekly’s newsroom extracted the top 10 most read stories during the last 352 days.  Please note that the top 10 stories were not selected by the Bilingual Weekly’s staff, our team ran the http://www.bilingualweekly.com English website’s analytics’ report which evaluates the hits received daily and it ranked each story from the highest number of hits to the lowest ranking in local news coverage. The following stories are briefs of the top 10 stories you, our readers clicked on.

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New Funding for Police

Washington, D.C. –”The citizens of Stockton deserve to have the best safety and security we can provide,” commented Congressman Jerry McNerney in an announcement that the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented policing Services (COPS Office) will be granting Stockton nearly 8 Million dollars in funding for law enforcement and San Joaquin County nearly 5 million.

The $7,817,161 to Stockton, and $4,595,360 to San Joaquin County Sheriffs office will be allocated to law enforcement agencies to hire, preserve, and/or rehire law enforcement officer positions.

Throughout the State of California, 190 new police officers will be created and a total of more than $71 million. “I am pleased that this funding will put more police officers on the streets to protect our families and communities,” said California Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

The grants provide all of the approved salary and benefits for entry-level officer positions for three years and require police departments to retain the grant funded positions for a fourth year.

The grants will support 190 police officers across California, including 25 each in Oakland, Los Angeles and Sacramento. 

Specifically, the funds will be allocated as follows:

Crescent City Police Department $238,737

Fairfield Police Department$1,809,475

Indio Police Department$1,235,928

Lompoc Police Department$932,844

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department$8,535,100

Madera Police Department$531,896

City of Maywood$428,788

Monterey County$2,369,759

Norwalk Department of Public Safety$810,950

Novato Police Department$1,095,873

City of Oakland$10,739,575

Parlier Police Department$244,057

Perris Police Department$835,833

Placer County Sheriff’s Department$2,587,904

City of Redlands$1,711,616

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department$11,306,450

Sacramento Police Department$8,102,450

City of Salinas$2,832,472

San Joaquin County Sheriff$4,595,360

City of San Jose$1,703,664

City of Stockton$7,817,161

City of Tulare$1,230,792

Williams Police Department$245,450

Stockton Joins Nation in September 11th Ceremony

“Some of our best and brightest military and civilians… they ar who we celebrate today.”


by Mayra Barrios

STOCKTON, CA – Stockton joined the ceremonies held across the nation in memory of the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September, 11.

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