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Cesar Chavez’ Legacy Remembered at Prayer Breakfast

Stockton, CA — “…Bless the workers and bless those who are in power…” said Stephen Blair, Bishop Dioceses of Stockton as he blessed the field workers and working families.  The blessing was during the Cesar Chavez Prayer breakfast during the morning of March 26, 2016.

Annually the Mexican Heritage Center and Gallery hosts a breakfast in observance of “Cesar Chavez’ birthday and to honor the hard work of field workers with a prayer,” explained Gracie Madrid, President of the Mexican Heritage Center and Gallery (MHC&G); adding, “often young people think of Cesar Chavez as the boxer, not the civil rights activist who built a movement for field worker rights.”

“My parents wanted us to live here [In the U.S.] because they wanted a better future for us…” Explained Roberto Valdes Sanchez artist exhibiting at MHC&G, and keynote speaker.  Valdez remembers learning about Cesar Chavez in 1983, “To me he is the most influential leader in U.S. History… He did more for Latinos than any other person in the history of the United States.”

Jose Lopez, Youth Programs Coordinator of the Diocese of Stockton remembers Cesar Chavez when he saw him in south Stockton’s McKinley Park. “He told us, ‘newborn puppies open their eyes during the first 3 days and when will you do it?’ those words will forever be remembered, because he was inviting us to wake up and to fight for our rights,” Chavez’s words are, “embedded well and are very important.”

For Tatiana Garcia, 11th grade student at Venture Academy the conversation and the art, hits close to home. “My family has been working on the fields, Cesar Chavez’s work impacted our family as well as many other,” Garcia appreciated the program and Valdes’ art.   “He has a lot of talent.   I am impressed by his pencil work.”

MHC&G is open all year with different monthly exhibits by artist, community members and educational programs.  The Gallery is located at 111 S. Hunter Street, Stockton, CA  95202.

If you missed it: The State of the Union Address

Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address

United States Capitol Washington, D.C. 9:10 P.M. ET

State of the Union Address

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A Crane with a story: Heros and Economic Boost Come to Stockton Port

drop off in portugal


STOCKTON, CA — On Friday, January 6, 2012, the Stockton Port received a special package whose delivery not only benefitted Stockton, but turned into a life saving story for Russia.

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The 2011 Top 10 Stories Most Read

As we begin 2012, Bilingual Weekly’s newsroom extracted the top 10 most read stories during the last 352 days.  Please note that the top 10 stories were not selected by the Bilingual Weekly’s staff, our team ran the http://www.bilingualweekly.com English website’s analytics’ report which evaluates the hits received daily and it ranked each story from the highest number of hits to the lowest ranking in local news coverage. The following stories are briefs of the top 10 stories you, our readers clicked on.

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Veterans Day 2011, Frank Reyes Dedicated to Serving his Community


Bilingualweekly.com | Sarah Lippincott

In honor of Veterans Day, November 11th, Bilingual Weekly reached out to a member of our community who had served our country. We spoke with Vietnam Veteran Frank Reyes, who welcomed us into his home on November 10, 2011. As we visited with Reyes we met a humble person, an unsung hero to other Veterans. His service to America did not end at the closure of the Vietnam war, today, he continues to serve, annually he provides many Veteran organizations with countless volunteer hours as he helps with several tasks at each of the organizations he serves.

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Cantinflas: At 100 years of his birth, 28 of his visit to Stockton…

www.bilingualweekly.com | Special to bw by Roberto Radrigán

Stockton, CA -This month the Spanish-speaking world remembers one of its most beloved comedians and film actors of all time. Mario Moreno —known to most as Cantinflas— would be a 100 this August if he was still among us.

I met Cantinflas, here, in Stockton. The year was 1983 and on that warm September night the Stockton Metropolitan Airport was full of life like never before —and probably never after. Thousands of local residents —most of them Mexican and Mexican Americans— arrived to see up-close the arrival of a legend they had seen only projected on the screen.

After a brief ceremony that included receiving the Keys to the City from the mayor, Arnold Rue, Cantinflas started his three-day stay in the city-by-the-tules.

Cantinflas had not come to Stockton to work in the fields, but to share the stage with Mexican ballad singer Jose Maria Napoleon on a fundraiser benefitting Catholic Charities’ local programs. Cantinflas was the only —out of a long list of stars that were approached— to come for free.

At the many receptions Moreno attended in those two feverish days, he signed autographs and posed for photos with everyone who succeeded on breaking through a weak barrier of volunteers. Opposed to his well-known character, Moreno wore an expensive suit most of the time… but the back of his shirt was always hanging out.

Cantinflas was a pious man and was not to miss his Sunday’s mass, so St. Mary’s Parish Father Fernando Villalobos had to resort to every chair available in the Diocese to accommodate attendees— who overflowed the church across Washington Street and way under the Crosstown Freeway.

The final event at the Stockton Civic Auditorium on September 4th was more than sold-out; people ringed the building just to hear or get a glimpse of Cantinflas… Napoleon’s $10K show was an expensive intro for the one who everyone wanted to see and hear. Then the whole thing bombed: the tapes Moreno had brought to playback his singing did not match the Auditorium’s sound system… the music started and no voice came out. Moreno couldn’t sing, but Cantinflas came to his rescue: with humor and charisma he improvised the show —that included a sampling of his trademark nonsense speeches— and the people just loved it! It was a long night, for Moreno never left without obliging to his fans.

When he finally boarded the plane to exit the county forever, Cantinflas had drawn a smile on the face of thousands of local Hispanics who —for at least a couple days—felt they were part of a movie. Amongst those whom were able to enjoy his visit up-close, he left a difficult-to-explain “good-feeling” that lasted days after his departure.

It could be that Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” was the genius so many claim he was, or maybe he was just a good actor playing a routine that guaranteed him the laughs, only time will tell. What is certain is that everyone I know in Stockton who experienced that iconic visit in 1983 has never forgotten the smallest details.



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