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Bilingual Weekly, LLC is a news organization that produces everyday news online, online news videos that includes  local spotlight interviews in both English and Spanish and a weekly email newsletter. Bilingual Weekly is most famous for its weekly news publication, delivered throughout San Joaquin County. The print publication is the only 99.9% Spanish and English newspaper in San Joaquin County (as of March 2012). The newspaper prides its self for producing 75% or more local and orginal content. Focusing on the San Joaquin County Latino community.

We are proud members of the San Joaquin’s Coalition of Mexican American Organization (COMA,) the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Stockton’s Spanish-speaking merchants association; Comerciantes Unidos.


Administration,Staff and Contributors

Gene Acevedo

Gene Acevedo, M.B.A

Gene Acevedo, M.B.A President and Publisher
Mexican-American Hall of Fame Inductee 2011
Silent Hero Award Winner
President of the Mexican Heritage Center & Gallery
Cinco de Mayo Parade Chairman 2007-2011
Stockton Unified School District Bonds Community Oversight Committee Workforce Investment Board
Coalition of Mexican American Organizations President
League of United Latin American Citizens
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Commerciantes Unidos Member – Former Board Member
San Joaquin A+ Former – Member
 Billing and Finance, Gemma Herrera

Deanna Lynn Wulff, News Analyst


Roberto Radrigan

Ines Ruiz

Richard Soto


Fr. Dean McFalls -St Mary’s Catholic Church

Karina Paredes -Calaveras County Correspondent

Jeremy Terhune -Friends of the Lower Calaveras River

Thomsas Benigno -Former Candidate for Congress

Manuel Camacho -San Joaquin Delta College

Offices: Currently relocating –  Telephone (209) 405-0598 E-mail info@bilingualweekly.com

Bilingual Weekly, LLC is an independent newspaper




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