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“Dear Stockton Smile You Are Loved” New Downtown Mural

 STOCKTON, CA- “Dear Stockton Smile You Are Loved,” is the message that the reads the new mural on 240 N. Hunter Street in downtown Stockton.

 The mural  “Dear Stockton” is a collaboration between Benjamin Saffold,  a group of local artists, and JF Donaldson Tires ; it  was completed last Sunday, August 26 after three days of work. 

Photo Credit: Dear Stockton Project

 Local artist, Joel Aaron Munoz created the design for mural that is now part of the city of Stockton as part of the “Dear Stockton Project” and ongoing project that allows the community to demonstrate their love for the city of Stockton.

“The mural magnifies the message of Dear Stockton to another level,” said Benjamin Saffold, founder of the Dear Stockton project. “What better positive message can there be?  To say dear Stockton smile you are loved, that is something that is already true but is not something that is always on the front page of the newspaper.”

“There is people that love Stockton that have not had a microphone in front of them, that have not been interviewed or asked about how they see Stockton,” added Saffold.   

And so the “Dear Stockton Project” gives the space for community to express themselves.  

“I hope it inspires some of the young kids in the community that work can be done with local business support youth and art activity” said JFDonaldsonTire owner, Jim Donaldson in a video produced by Saffold prior to the completion of the mural. “Which leads to the support of our city and hopefully a new birth to Stockton after the troubles we been going through, give some hope for all of here in Stockton that things can definitely get better.”

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