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Stockton’s violence Reduction Initiative

STOCKTON, CA- As part Stockton’s violence Reduction Initiative, the Stockton Police Department seeks the help of the community at a town hall meeting on Wednesday, August 23 at the Stockton Civic Auditorium.

“There is an unacceptable level of crime and violence in Stockton and that is why we are here tonight,” said Police Chief Eric Jones. “The purpose is to build police community relations and work together.”

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones

At the meeting a number of community members expressed their concerns and criticized the strategies of the SPD to defeat crime.

Crime disheartens the entire community and disheartens the police department said Jones.  “My challenge is to provide law enforcement services for the city of Stockton.”

“Our studies have shown that Stockton has a high poverty rate, has high level of drug abuse, a high number of gangs and gang incidents and high amount of violent crime in hot spots … hot spots that are spread through the whole city.”

The police department is currently focused on getting guns and gangs off the streets.

In four years the Stockton Police Department went 441police officers patrolling the streets down to the 320, a thirty percent reduction.

“The rate of officer per violent crime, we are the highest in the nation definitely within the state ,  we have about 11.7 violent crimes per officer within the City of Stockton…Cities like  San Francisco and Los Angeles  have two, Oakland is close to 9,”explained Jones.

“Never before have we needed the community support as much as we need right now… together we can force multiply and changes and began to make some significant changes.”

Jones encouraged the community to report crime and to lessen the chances of them becoming a victim of crime.

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