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Health Careers Academy Starts New Academic Year

STOCKTON, CA- Health Careers Academy (HCA) started its second academic year on Tuesday August 14, with 250 students and with a warmth welcoming by local community leaders.

HCA opened last year and is the only Stockton Unified School District school specifically designed to focus on the health career professions.


“All of our classes are geared toward educating students about the medical field. We are working to created integrated curriculum with core subjects and the elective courses,” said HCA Principal, Traci E. Miller.

HCA is the product of a 10 year project developed to prevent a job shortage in the medical field expected in Stockton in the upcoming years.

We are not just training our students to be college ready… we work daily on the essential skills needed for success in the work force,” added Miller.

HCA is located inside of University Park next to the California State University, Stanislaus campus and Kaiser School of Allied Health, and only two blocks from St. Josephs Hospital.

“All of these entities are working on partnerships with our school,” said Miller.

“Everyone talks about a job shortage, there is not a shortage on jobs in the healthcare field, there is a shortage of training, and if you graduate from here you will have a job,” said Kevin Huber, CEO of the Grupe Commercial Company in Stockton, as he encouraged the students.

For Miller HCA is fortunate to have the community support.

Last year HCA had over forty different medical professionals at the school, this year St. Joseph’s hospital will be one of them.

After receiving a $700,000 from the California Department of Corrections Receivership,

“we were able to take our student to San Quentin last year to see the inside of the health clinic and learn firsthand the kind of highly paid professions available in the prison system,” explained Miller.

“Healthcare is a great profession that provides a lifetime of services,” said Stockton Council-member, Susan Eggman.  “Health corrections, Kaiser, these are all jobs waiting for you.”

Because HCA is charter school, the student body is made up of students from Manteca, Linden, Lodi and Lincoln school districts.

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