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STOCKTON, CA- Kennedy Community Center overshadowed by accusations of mistreatment and racism. 

The allegations of favoritism, unfair food distribution and disrespectful treatment towards Latinos are particularly centered towards community center’s director, Beverly Foster.

“There is a pattern of her [Foster] yelling at people, harassing people and humiliating them,” said community member, Rosalinda Galaviz, at the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors meeting on August 7th.

“Beverly Foster and her staff make the center an unsafe place for the people that have to go there to receive their donated food,” added Galaviz.  “Please Mr. Villapudua we need action now.”

Located in south Stockton, Kennedy Community Center runs several community programs, one of them the Donated Food- a food giveaway program for families.

“This is not the first time or the second time we heard this,” said San Joaquin County Supervisor, Carlos Villapudua, “I will like to have this done fast because I have been getting phone calls from my constituents in my district and I want to be able to respond back.”

“We need to remove these people [Foster and Assistant Director, Linda Thomas-Phillips] and bring people that can treat us with respect and dignity, something Beverly and her assistant cannot do,” said Rosa Maria Perez at the meeting.

The debate continue at the last the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors meeting on August 14th  , as supporters of the director showed up to  deny the allegations made.

“Beverly has been very fair with everybody…we try to give everyone the same thing so that there won’t be no controversy, the allegations made are not true,” said Linda Rhodes, a 13 year volunteer at the center.

On August 18 The Stockton Record reported that Beverly Foster had been “temporarily relocated” to another post and that for the time being, José Abarca, was reassigned as the director of the Center.

According to Foster supporters, the critics and allegations were made to replace Foster with a Latino director.

“We want somebody that is a people person that can get along and include all people,” said community member, Graci Madrid.

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