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Art painted on the wall titled CAFE INC., and fish made out of paper named Stella

Sarah Lippincott

Updated August 3, 2012

STOCKTON, CA – Celebrate Stockton flags decorated the entrance of the 235 N. San Joaquin Street with sounds of music echoing out.

The co-op, Community Assistance Foundation for Empowerment (CAFE) held a fundraiser at their new Downtown Stockton office on Friday, July 27, 2012.

Nearly 150 people joined together for the ‘Supper Club’ event with music, dinner, drinks and art at $20 a ticket. One of the coordinators of the event, and CEO of CAFÉ Inc. Esparanza Velma shared her experience in an e-mail; “The supper club event was an early introduction to the CAFE Co-Op and for the public to enjoy the talents of local Artists, Musicians and food,” said Velma.

CAFÉ is a California Corporation that is in transition to a non-profit, it is the Umbrella origination for offices within their building, formerlly known as vision printing, that includes Friends of the Lower Calaveras River and Frankenmuffin Productions.

According to Esperanza Velma, the space plans on adding “…future artist studios, a future cafe and a future multicultural gallery.”

Esperanza Velma, CAFE INC. CEO at the “Supper Club” event

“CAFE sponsored the event along with other organizations and companies in support of the revitalization of downtown Stockton. A major commitment for the downtown revitalization is the owner of the building Zac Cort and his wife Megan,” said Velma.

CAFÉ Inc. is currently planning their next event for Halloween.

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7 thoughts on “

  1. I cannot believe you had the audacity to call a great piece of art a “paper fish”. I attended this event and was very impressed with Stella. Alot of work went into this “paper fish” not to mention it was a community effort. She, the artist, and the community deserve more respect. I and all my colleagues were very disappointed with this very poorly written/researched article. I would expect more from the Billingual Weekly. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

    Posted by Mona | August 3, 2012, 11:38 am
  2. A little context for the “paper fish”:

    Her name is Stella the Steelhead, and she made a special appearance at the CAFE event at the request of Friends of the Lower Calaveras River, whom are members of the CAFE co-op and tenants at the building.

    Stella the Steelhead was a collaborative art project between youth, activists, and attendees of the 2011 Steelhead Festival. The “paper” surrounding Stella’s wooden frame consists of dozens of Stockton Record articles written about the Delta and waterways in San Joaquin County!

    Stella will be traveling around the community and make a special appearance at the 2012 Stockton Steelhead Festival. she even has her own Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/stellathesteelhead

    Like Stella on Facebook now and help her build awareness of the Calaveras River watershed and other important waterways in San Joaquin County!

    Posted by jterhune | August 2, 2012, 12:48 pm


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