Opinion: A defect in Women

A defect in Women

Story by Lila Towns

God made women in the sixth day.   It was an intense journey of hard work and extra hours.  An angel appeared and asked: “Why do you dedicate so much time to the creation of this creature?  And the Lord answered: Have you read the project of what I want to accomplish with this creation?   It must be able to wash, but not made of plastic, it has to have more than 200 movable pieces, each exchangeable and be able to function with a diet of left overs o anything, it has to have shelter for four children simultaneously, must have a kiss that can heal anything from a knee up to a broken heart y and it will do everything with a simple two hands.

The project surprised the angel… “Only two hands… Impossible!”  And this will by the standard model only…!  “It’s a lot of work for one day.  Lord” You better waits until tomorrow to finish her.”

No, I will not wait, the Lord protested.  I am too close to finishing this one of my hearts favorite creations.

She wills self-heal when she becomes ill and will work 18 hours a day.  The angel got closer and touched the woman.  Lord, you have made her so soft! She is soft but I have made her strong.  You have no idea of her resistance or what she is capable of achieving.”

“Will she be able to think?” asked the angel.  God answered: “not only will she be able to think she will be able to reason, to understand, and forgive.”

The angel then noticed something and stretching his hand he reached the woman’s cheek… “It seems that this model has a leak… I told you; you are trying to set too many things on her.”  That’s not a leak… it’s a tear,” the Lord moved him way.

What is the tear for?  Asked the angel and God answered: “Tears are her way to express her joy, her embarrassment, her disillusion, her love, her loneliness, her suffering and her pride.”

This impress the angel a lot “you are a genius, Lord, you thought of everything.  The woman is totally marvelous.”

She is! Women will have a strength that will impress any man.  They will resist challenges, will carry great loads but will be happiness, love and joy.  They will smile when they want to yell.  They will sing when they want to cry.  Cry when they are happy and smile when they are nervous.  They will fight for what they believe.  And they will confront injustices.

They will not accept “no” as an answer when they believe there is a better answer.  They will sacrifice for their family to have.  They will love unconditionally.  Cry when their children triumph and they will be happy when their friends are awarded.  They are happy when they hear about a new birth or a wedding.

Their heart will break when a friend dies.  Suffer with the loss of a loved one; however, they are strong when they think there is no more strength. They know that a kiss and a hug can help heal a broken heart.  But there is one defect on woman… They forget how much they are worth.



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