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One incumbent out of four City of Stockton Races loses primary.

STOCKTON, CA – Four out of seven City of Stockton elected official are up for re-election in 2012. The primary had few surprises; except, in the case of City of Stockton’s District 6. Dale Fritchen, vying for re-election to represent the most south district of the city challenged by Stanford University graduate, Stockton native, Michael Tubbs. Out of the four seats in the ballot, Tubbs was the only challenger who defeated his incumbent with 54.61% Tubbs vs. 45.02% Dale Fritchen. The most contested race in the city was the Mayoral Race. Ann Johnston, incumbent Mayor of Stockton reached a 41.58 percent followed by former president of Stockton Unified School District Anthony Silva with 20.65%. The Mayor’s seat had 7 candidates including former Stockton Mayor Jimmie Rishwain who reached a 14.96% and former Stockton Councilmember Ralph Lee White reached 11.54%. The 4th District, incumbent Diane Lowery challenged the only two Latinos vying to serve in the City — Attorney Moses Zapien and Dance Instructor Theresa Velazquez, Ph.D. Lowery lead 47.83% of the votes followed by Zapien who reached a 35.71%; Theresa Velazquez reached 15.93%. On Friday, June 8th, Velazquez endorsed Moses Zapien. In the 2nd District, Vice-Mayor, Kathy Miller received a strong 61.65% of the votes and her opponent Randy Hatch reached 37.83%.

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