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CDC Provides Travelers with Tips for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Thursday, May 24, 2012

CDC Provides Travelers with Tips for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Millions of international visitors will travel to the United Kingdom (UK) this summer for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games between July 27th and August 12, 2012. In many ways, travel to and throughout the UK is similar to travel in the United States when it comes to health and safety. However, the expected Olympic crowds in the host cities increase your risk of illness and injury.

CDC is providing updated travel recommendations for the Summer Olympic Games in London at By following these simple recommendations, you can stay safe and healthy while at the Games and bring home winning memories to last a lifetime.

Visit your health care provider four to six weeks before your departure date and get up-to-date on routine vaccines, especially measles. There’s a large measles outbreak in Europe, and a lot of unvaccinated American travelers got sick last year. Also be sure to contact your health insurance provider to learn the extent of your medical coverage and consider purchasing travel health insurance if necessary.

Pack a travel-health kit that includes medicines you take regularly, along with fever and pain relief pills. Travel only when you are well, and delay your trip if you feel sick.

While in the UK, make sure to follow these important prevention actions to keep yourself healthy and safe:

1. Wash your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

2. Practice healthy behaviors: Drink alcohol in moderation, avoid drinking and driving, and use latex condoms if you have sex.

3. Stay alert, especially in crowds.

4. Exercise caution while traveling in the UK: be careful crossing the street, wear a helmet when you ride a bike or motorcycle, use a seatbelt if traveling by car, and remember that Londoners drive on the left, the opposite side of the road.

5. Follow local laws and customs and Olympic and Paralympic Games security regulations. Make a photocopy of your passport to carry with you at all times.

6. If you get sick while abroad, notify your health care provider when you return. Share full details of all your symptoms, activities, and adventures for the best follow-up care.

More Information
If you are also traveling to other European countries, you can find out more about other country specific health risks by checking the CDC Travelers’ Health destinations website for the most up-to-date health risks and notices of all countries.

Information provided by the Center for Disease Control.

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