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The Diocese of Stockton to pay $3.75 million dollars to the victim of Fr. Michael Kelly.

STOCKTON, California (April 20, 2012)  – This morning, at 10:00 a.m., Stockton County Superior Court Judge Bob McNatt, announced the settlement of the sexual abuse claims filed by Manly & Stewart’s client, John TZ Doe. 

The Diocese of Stockton has agreed to pay $3.75 million dollars to the victim of Fr. Kelly in order to completely resolve this matter.  This is one of the largest individual settlements in the history of the sexual abuse scandal and is a complete victory for the victim and his family.  It also will mark the end of the trial.

The settlement was reached late yesterday, and it was agreed by all parties that it would not be announced until the jurors were advised of the agreement in court this morning.

The victim’s legal team included attorneys Rebecca L. Rhoades, Vince W. Finaldi, and John C. Manly.  The victim won the first phase of trial when the 12 person jury determined unanimously that Fr. Kelly had sexually abused and raped the victim. The second phase of the trial had commenced approximately a week and a half ago.

The victim, and his legal team, urge any victims of Fr. Kelly to call the police and specifically to contact Wade Whitney of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.

John TZ Doe, Fr. Kelly’s victim and the plaintiff in the case stated the following:  “First and foremost, I want to thank the jury and the alternates in this case who believed me.  I also want to thank Judge McNatt, the court staff and my legal team.  This 4 ½ years of litigation and 10-week trial has been the most difficult experience of my life, but I feel I have received justice today, not for me, but for that 10-year old boy who Fr. Kelly hurt so badly.  I also ask that the Stockton District Attorney’s Office, the Calaveras County District Attorney’s Office, and the State Attorney General investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the issue of how a known-molester was allowed to remain in ministry by the Diocese for years after it was clear he posed a clear and present danger to children.”

John Manly, the victim’s attorney in the case stated as follows: “We have proven that Fr. Kelly is a dangerous child predator and we are happy for our client and his family that we were able to achieve a significant and historic victory.  However, two important items are left undone.  First, and foremost, is for Fr. Kelly to be called to account for his crimes by law enforcement.  Secondly, and equally important, is for those who allowed him access to children to be held to account as well.

Anyone who has information about this case to contact Det. Wade Whitney of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.”  891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249, (209) 754-6358.


2 thoughts on “The Diocese of Stockton to pay $3.75 million dollars to the victim of Fr. Michael Kelly.

  1. First of all hats off to the victim in this case to step up and tell what happen to him and bring a case against the priest that molested him. That is his first step to recovery. His actions have saved other boys from the horrible reality of being molested. To all that have supported the priest Michael Kelly. You must open your eyes and know that he is a child molester. It is a fact and until you realize that you will just be supporting a person that wants to molest little boys. No matter what you say or things you write the fact remains Father Kelly is a child molester. So when you donate money to the church it is used to defend molesters. Being a victim myself i know what this is all about. No one that has not gone through this can make any comments about suppressed memories, etc. It took me 30 yrs till i finally had no other choice but to bring it out. It was an older cousin that got to me. Everyone thought he was such a good person, well respected, etc…well he was a rapist to me. It boils inside you and pulls you apart. Most don’t even report it and those who do should not be persecuted because they speak the truth. One does not just start accusing one of this for monetary reasons. This is part of the healing process, plus the laws have been broken. It must be reported. The church is just as guilty as the molesters. They do not want the stigma of this associated with the church. They will go to all means to protect themselves. Moving pedophiles around like musical chairs. Why did he flee? Because he had a tummy ache and wanted to see his mommy? That gives him no right to flee during a case. If he is such an upstanding citizen and good person why did he leave. Innocent men don’t flee. They stay and fight. It is obvious by his behavior he is looking for new grounds to prey. Hats off to organizations like SNAP that have contacted all churches in Ireland that a child molester, yes that is what he is, the court found him guilty, is in Ireland. Once again the people that believe that Father Kelly is innocent please open your eyes and realize that just because someone is a priest and is a nice guy that he is innocent. My parents use to go to church and donate money, now they don’t. Their past local church’s priest was found guilty of child molesting and the other church they used to attend, two of their priests were found to be molesting little boys. How many other cases are there? Denial gets kids molested….

    Posted by An abused victim myself | April 20, 2012, 7:59 pm
  2. Thank you for posting the whole comment, CBS stopped at the 10 year old and did not include the call for investigating how a priest with pending criminal complaints, but a great fund raiser, was allowed to continue in the ministry despite the Pope’s policy and the Stockton Diocese’s own policy. It is unfortunate that he has fled the country but I hope he will be brought back to face the criminal charges which should have already been filed.
    How is it that someone who is under investigation gets to waltz out of the country. His defense fund may well have provided cover for that it was convenient but expensive for Bishop Blair and Cardinal Mahoney to not have to take the stand. But in the end it is the parishioners money that paved the way for them to avoid the embarrassment of why no action was taken other than moving him to relatively isolated areas with limited policing. I hope the supporters who wore green to the verdict of phase one, like it was a basketball game rather than a child rape trial saved those shirts so they can wear them to the criminal sentencing when he returns to the USA. SHAME ON YOU for being so insensitive and blind to the truth.

    Posted by Jpatrick | April 20, 2012, 7:38 pm

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