"I Have a Voice", Inteverview

I Have a Voice: Vidal Navarro

Born in Guadalajara, México Navarro settled in California when he was 15 years old.

As a farmer in the Linden area Navarro harvests different crops such as cucumbers, squash and peppers, however he became known for harvesting cherries.

“We had a field of 39 acres of nothing but cherries, which we had to sell to Los Angeles because here there was a lot of competition here and so the restaurants started asking for  more and more orders, the irony is that now we have no cherries,” says Navarro.

What Navarro likes about his business, “is that everything we grow we sell, I like being in direct contact with the consumers.”

Reason why he served as the President of the Pacific Coast Farmers Market; what he describes as a challenge since he was the only Latino on the board.

When Navarro is not working, he spends his time traveling, reading and writing.

“I like reading fiction books because they let your mind be free and form a story, and so is more fun,” said Navarro, “and so my passion for writing comes from reading.”

As a child Narravo traveled throughout out México, and still continues to do so in order to stay in touch with his family, but one of his favorite places to visit is Barcelona, because of the food, beautiful beaches and the weather.


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