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Puerto Rican Theresa Velazquez runs for 4th District at City Council

Dance instructor and business woman, Theresa Velazquez, D.M., is running for Stockton City Council District 4.

Theresa Velazquez, D.M., is running for Stockton City Council District 4.

Velazquez holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and a Master’s in Business Administration.  She recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership (D.M.) where she published a dissertation titled, “Health Issues and the Benefits of Dance Sport.”

“My mission is to make Stockton safer and cleaner, to promote literacy and health in the community,” says Velazquez.

Velazquez has roots in Puerto Rico and grew up in New York.  She moved to California, and has been living in Stockton for the last eleven years.  Since moving here, she has offered programs on child and teen obesity prevention, and health through dance and exercise classes at the Cesar Chavez Public Library, Golden Senior Living, the Podesto Teen Impact Center, nonprofit organizations, and other locations.

“I have been teaching dance for over 28 years,” says Velazquez.

If elected, Velazquez says, “I would like to address issues regarding health care, budget, environment and green technology,” says Velazquez.

While the City of Stockton continues the fight to prevent bankruptcy, Velazquez believes that, “it is going to be challenging and is going to take strong and positive leadership to make the change in Stockton.”

Although this is the first time Velazquez is running for office, she claims an active political family in Puerto Rico, including a mayor and vice-mayor, “It’s the Hernandez Family,” she says.

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