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Audio books for Military personnel

Connect parents in service and their children

Charterhouse Center for Families in partnership with Karl Ross Post 16 launched its Boots-N-Books campaign.  Boots-N-Books is a program that brings military families together through literacy and books.  The kick-off campaign was on Wednesday, March 7th at the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.

 “We are going to be distributing books to deployed soldiers and to those that are enlisting so that they can record a story and leave it behind for  their children to have,” said Mikey Kamienski, Executive Director of Chaterhouse.

According to Kamienski there are about 1.2 million active duty soldiers in country, 180 thousand soldiers enlisted last year and one thousand of them are from San Joaquin County. “That is a lot of moms and dads, brothers and sisters, that are away from their families,” added Kamienski.

Boots N Books Campaign

“Through the legion, we built a connection with the current bases within the San Joaquin County,” said Xochitl Paderes, US Marine Corps Veteran and 3rd Vice Commander of the American Legion-Karl Ross Post 16. As the organization raises funds Karl Ross Post 16 plans to build a network with other military branches in northern California, added Paderes.

US Army Sergeant Miguel Loza and his family were one of the first families to use the program, as the Sergeant recorded a DVD while reading a book to his daughter, Cristina.

“It is really hard to see your loved ones leave your side,” said the Sergeant’s wife, Susana Loza.  Thorough books, DVDs and other forms of communication “we made it through the distance and the miles now I am happy that he is back home with us.” said Loza.  

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