2012 Urban Land Institute findings

Stockton, Ca – After fifteen years, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) once again visited Stockton to provide recommendations for the city to revitalize its downtown.

Nine panelists spent a week analyzing the city, conducting over one hundred individual interviews to frame a report that was recently presented to the city’s residents.

Although the city implemented many of the recommendations from the ULI’s 1997 visit, according to the ULI, revitalization remains far from reaching its full potential.

Downtown Stockton still lacks an adequate supply of multi-family housing and a significant amount of private investment due to Stockton’s focus on public facilities rather than public-private partnerships, says the ULI.

For many, the 13th largest city in the State of California, Stockton, sits in the shadow of bigger urban cities like Sacramento and San Francisco. However, for senior transportation panelist, Heather Alhadeff, Stockton has many good things to offer.  Alhadeff recognized the, “Waterfront, the proximity to destinations, diversity, the Delta, agriculture, the access to fresh vegetables and a great climate,” as some of the City’s assets.

The City specifically asked for advice on how to better use four historic hotels owned by the city and some ways to attract potential developers.

One of the main pieces of advice given to the city is for property owners, developers, as well as county and city officials to join forces to create permanent partnerships.

“There are low cost things that you can do immediately to help build vitality in Stockton and attract more people to create a positive image,” said Ross Tilghman, Director of the Tilghman Group. Tilghman’s suggestions included relocating farmers’ markets to Weber Point and increasing water-based recreation activities like canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding and fishing.

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