benignoStockton,CA- It seems as though everyone I talk to says they are watching the republican debates. Some wonder: why? While almost everyone was watching the democratic debates a few years ago, they said if the president had not debated, he would not have received the nomination, nor won the election.


In the case of the republicans, however, a good performance at a debate does not seem matter. The party feels that it still does not have the right candidate. The reality is that they have the right candidate, but the GOP leadership won’t stand behind candidate, Ron Paul. His platform about changing the monetary system, stop policing other countries, and ending war and many other issues, is what the people want. The money spent on these debates could help many other candidates who need help to win other races such as Congress and Senate.

A recent article states, “ROMNEY BASKING IN THE SUNSHINE STATE WIN”, meaning Florida, but will those who didn’t vote for him vote for him in the general election? That is a question that many say will allow Obama to win another election. So stating that the primary debates are important is a joke.  We can see that the millions of PAC money will only help those special candidates that are chosen by the GOP party. One would think that the splitting of the republican party by the TEA PARTY would help destroy the republican cause. Their agenda is to shut down big government. Many say they don’t know what harm they are doing to the people who are republicans who have been supporting the republican cause for decades. To think that lowering taxes will help the cause of the disenfranchised party members is a fallacy, to say the least.

The money to keep our country going will not be collected to create jobs for people who pay taxes or generate economic growth so that businesses can stay in business. It is a known fact that cash flow is the secret to any economy and we don’t have that flow today. Let’s all wake up and put our best foot forward to keep the economy alive. VOTE WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE IN NOVEMBER.

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