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Golden Bell: for Latino High School Program


Lincoln Latin Leadership (LLL), a parent/district-run organization at Lincoln High School, received the 2011 Golden Bell Award.

5574                                                                  The Golden Bell Awards promote excellence in education by recognizing outstanding programs in school districts throughout California.

Through the collaboration of teachers, students, parents and administration, LLL invites Latino families to engage in the learning of students to ensure their academic success.

“We are here to honor a group of parents that have dedicated their soul and heart into building a strong learning community for all students,” said Van Ha To-Cowell, President of the Board of Trustees, on January 26 at the Lincoln Farmhouse, as she presented the award to the group.

LLL offers English and computer classes for parents as well as family trips to universities. Last summer, LLL also partnered with the University of the Pacific in a “Summer Bridge Program,” a six week program designed to enhance the research and writing skills of the students.

Debbie de Ganna, Director at Lincoln High School, articulated the essence and achievements of LLL, writing a proposal that earned the organization the award in the category of Parental/Community Involvement.

“Although its mission is to advance the educational performance of Latino students in every project that they took on, they included the whole district,” said To-Cowell.

“The Golden Bell is the most prestigious award given in California schools,” said Superintendent, Tom Uslan, “there is [sic] around 1000 school districts in California, we are privileged to have this award.”

“This is just the beginning of the many things we have to accomplish,” said Francisco Ortiz, Co-President of LLL. “We are immigrants, we did everything in our countries, and now we are here because we want the best for our families, and education is the most important thing.”

Parents Richard Vargas, Teresa Garcia, Sandra Contreras, Erika Valdez, David Rodríguez and Elisa Andrade, among others, were also recognized.

“Every parent that I have ever met is always united in one thing: they want the best for their kids, and for all kids across cultural boundaries,” said teacher and LLL Advisor Manny Moreno. “This is just a human endeavor, and when we all have the same goal amazing things can happen.”

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