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From TV studio to an education forum


News anchor, producer and writer Stephanie Cruz visits Stockton with a story of success and dedication.

DSC00807                         STOCKTON,CA – On Thursday, January 12, 2012, students, parents and other community-members had an opportunity to be up-close and personal with Stefanie Cruz, presently with Fox 40 News.

Born in Alameda, California, Cruz studied journalism at San Diego State University, and began her journalism career in Yuma, Arizona. Her first duties as reporter were to report on the life at border towns. “Covering immigration, illegal immigration, drugs, and many other topics was interesting dynamics,” conveyed Cruz as she learned those border towns’ attempts to keep immigrant populations out, and attempt to attract tourism.

As Cruz’s career evolved, she became a television anchor, which she found to be more challenging, as “the average television news story is a minute and 30 seconds long, [it] makes it difficult for a journalist to report thoroughly on the complex political and social issues.”

However, during the attacks of September 11, she learned how media was impacted as the usual minute and a half minute per story changed, “There were just no rules when it came to 9-11,” she commented.

Since moving to California, she has had the opportunity to work for Good Morning Sacramento, and she now works for Fox 40 news.

While Cruz has two children, and a fulltime job, in 2008 she also published a children’s book titled, “Delta & Dawn: Mother & Baby Whales’ Journey.” Her book is based on the true story of two whales, Delta & Dawn, known for their journey up the Sacramento and the San Joaquin Delta River before returning to their home in the Pacific.

The inspiration for her to write the children’s book was triggered by her observation that news often focuses on society’s negatives. “We tell so many negative stories in this business that seeing these two animals that swim [sic] up the river, they are enormous and everyone helping them: it was a great story to tell kids.”

Cruz believes it’s important for children to have role models with good values, and to have people with whom students can relate.

Cruz is the third speaker of an ongoing series titled “A Conversation with”, hosted by Teachers College of San Joaquin and the San Joaquin County of Education. Mick Founts, Superintendent of Schools, hosted the interview.

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