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Interview Video: Andrea Gutierrez

Andrea Gutierrez

Interview of Andrea Gutierrez in Stockton, California by Mayra Barrios.

Stockton native, artist and arts advocate, Andrea Gutierrez, has a passion for education and children.

Upon her graduation from the University of the Pacific, she created Leaders of Civil Liberties, a print series in which she carved images of civil liberties leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, President Barack Obama and others, and printed them. Read More Here:

Growing Bare Root Roses

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Marcy Hardeman, Growing Bare Root Roses-UC Master Gardeners

Bare root roses are dormant plants that are sold with no soil around the roots; instead, roots are surrounded by moist wood shavings.

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Marshall Plan Scheduled

state of the cityCity of Stockton’s Marshall Plan to host first Stakeholder meeting: 7 months post announcement.

“We will be having a council study session on the Marshall Plan on January 31st,” clarified city of Stockton’s Mayor, Ann Johnston, during the first city council meeting of 2012.

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