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California Governor’s Budget could hit most vulnerable

c_levister_budget_500x279(NAM) CALIFORNIA-Advocates for both ethnic communities and children reacted with alarm to the state budget that Gov. Jerry Brown proposed on Thursday (January 5, 2011).
The proposal aims to reduce the budget deficit from the $26.2 billion budget hole of one year ago to $9.2 billion through budget cuts and revenue generators amounting to $10.3 billion.

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Community Improvement Crime Prevention Meeting

STOCKTON, CA – The Community Improvement and Crime Prevention Committee, a subcommittee of the City Council chaired by Councilmember Elbert Holman, will hold a meeting to share information with the community about how to prevent neighborhood crime and actions to take to avoid becoming a victim of personal or property crimes. The meeting will take place Thursday, January 19, 2012, 5:30 p.m., City Hall, 425 N. El Dorado Street, in the Council Chambers on the second floor.

The Stockton Police Department will share information about how to prevent crime and how to report crime. Neighborhood watch and business watch groups will provide information about how to form and maintain watch groups, how to communicate effectively, and information about what has worked in other neighborhoods and business districts.

“Crime is a community issue,” said Councilmember Holman. “We must all participate to address problems of crime and improve our community. This meeting offers an opportunity to hear what is working throughout our community and how every citizen can engage in crime prevention.”

Topics of discussion will include auto theft, alarm systems, locks, lighting, the role of pets in protecting your property and landscaping tips. Information and resources regarding current scams and cons will be shared and tips about how to change patterns and behaviors to increase personal safety and prevent personal and property crimes.

For additional information about the Community Improvement and Crime Prevention Committee meeting, please visit or call (209) 937-8827.

Information provided by the City of Stockton

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