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The Growing Trend in Low- Energy Home Building

Tierra Sol 2

By Mayra Barrios, Bilingual Weekly

If receiving $0.05 per an aluminum can when recycling does not encourage people to live a low-energy life style, the idea of saving up to 2,000 per year on utilities will probably do so. This is the promise of Visionary Home Builders (VHB) of Stockton on their second green project, “Tierra del Sol” a neighborhood of 22 affordable energy green homes. The develop is located at 4701 Farmington Road in Stockton.

“At Visionary we think green building can benefit everyone. The extra attention paid to a project to insure is energy efficiency leads to an overall better built product,” said Matthew Thompson, Director of Real Estate Acquisition and Development at Visionary Home Builders.

Building sustainable homes is said to be beneficial for families, for the economy and for the environment. A reason why many home developers are adopting new techniques to minimize energy use as much as possible, “Villa Monterey [the first green project of VHB] has proved to be a great success,” said Thompson.

Maribel Rodriguez current resident of Villa Monterey moved to her apartment in 2009 and has seen the benefits. “I see the difference on my PG&E bill every month; I saved close to $50.00 than what I used to pay before.”

“Tierra del Sol and Villa Monterey are Net Zero Homes. That means they have a photo-voltaic (solar panel) system incorporated into the roof that generates enough electricity to offset the annual usage of the homeowner,” Thompson explains why residents like Rodriguez save on her bills, “this means the owners could have no electrical bills,” said Thompson.

Lower maintenance costs and energy saving features such as the ENERGY STAR® appliances are just some of the features at Tierra del Sol.

The green movement is perhaps the future trend in home building, since they have a better impact on the environment compared to normal houses. “Efficient building in general is the future of building.” said Thompson. “The conservation of energy is becoming more and more important as the price of producing that energy and its environmental impact continue to escalate.”

VHB will hold an open house for Tierra del Sol on Tuesday November 15th, 2011.

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One thought on “The Growing Trend in Low- Energy Home Building

  1. Energy efficient building starts with selecting a suitable building site and proper architecture. It is not only about insulation materials and advanced glazing. For instance here is the difference between building sites: http://sites.google.com/site/lowenergyhome/building-site.

    Posted by Mark | February 15, 2012, 2:02 pm

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