Many citizens are watching the battle between the parties, but many are asking what is the” TEA PARTY “and what do they stand for? Last week I went to a TEA PARTY meeting in Tracy at the civic center which was unusual in itself that they were able to use the facility. The meeting was open to the public although not many people attended. They had a guest speaker who I never heard of before but she was a very effective speaker.

As she started, she gave a power point presentation on what the party standards are. After a while she spoke of many different issues, mostly about cutting government. As she went on, she spoke about how our country was becoming a socialist country, and how she felt about how things were going. Her major issue was about how government was running our lives, and how the TEA PARTY was going to help stop the process. As she went on she spoke about how the party was going to endorse certain candidates to help change the process of our government, and it was going to start at the local level.

I was a little suspicious about how she kept mentioning that a certain individual in the room was going to help the cause by running for supervisor in our district. The candidate was a newly elected member of the Tracy city council. A few comments were made about his lack of experience on the council and that he needed more experience on the council to understand the movement of the position he was seeking. After a few comments about other local officials in other local communities, she went on to say that the TEA PARTY was going to be endorsing these candidates. I was taken back by her statements about how they needed city council people to help change the direction of our state and local government and it’s problems, by electing council people to supervisors. It was not clear how a city council person who supports all the things that the TEA PARTY is against, is going to help solve the problem we are now experiencing.

From what I witnessed it was going to be business as usual by this fraction that now calls itself the TEA PARTY. The same group were at another event a week earlier at a republican central committee meeting in Manteca. It was clear to me then that the agenda of the fraction had infiltrated the republican party, to get this same person elected to supervisor. It was not clear why the republican party would allow these joint meetings, with a renegade party like the TEA PARTY who say quote ” WE’RE NOT A PARTY”. It is also not clear that other republican candidates were not endorsed. It was as though the two parties were joining forces to get people they wanted

elected to those offices. Again we must try to understand what the importance of the TEA PARTY is by getting this person elected who does not meet every criteria that the TEA PARTY base stands for. Also at the end of the meeting it was clear the TEA PARTY members had an agenda and that was to get this person elected so that they could appoint another party member to the city council without being elected. That tells me that they already have a candidate they want to fill that position, if the other person wins the election especially when the County supervisor seat is a non partisan seat.

Is this the future of politics or just another dream team scheme?

Thomas A Benigno

Former candidate for congress.

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