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Faith: Our Response to 9/11: a Legacy of Questions

By Fr. Dean McFalls, St. Mary’s Parish,

Stockton, CA. September 10th, 2011- Like all of you, I remember distinctly where I was and what I was doing on that Tuesday morning when the world changed forever.

Something prompted me to do what I never did: turn on the television.

The rest of that day passed like a dream. I can hardly remember anything.

Suddenly, the Modesto Bee’s endless front-page repetition of the Chandra Levy mystery and Congressman Gary Condit’s suspected connection went silent. Suddenly, it was as if the Dot-Com crash had never taken place. Continue reading

Will Climate Change Affect Migration?

Multi-American News Report

Sep 07, 2011- Will climate change contribute to migration in the future as people are displaced? Many experts believe so, and the Migration Policy Institute is the latest to produce a report detailing how.

According to the report, climate change stands to displace people in a number of countries as weather changes affect basic necessities like the food and water supply. The countries most vulnerable to climate change affecting the qualify of life for their citizens are Bangladesh and India; other countries deemed vulnerable include Madagascar, Nepal, Mozambique, the Philippines, Haiti, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Burma and Mexico. Continue reading

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