OPINION: Is it too early?

benignoThomas A Benigno
Former candidate for congress & business person.
Tracy, CA

Here we go again! Almost the third year into his term of president, Obama is campaigning for re-election.  One wonders what is next for America, and will President Obama win another term or not. Now on the other side, the republicans are staging an attack on president Obama as never before in the history of politics. The republican candidates are also coming out early on a bid for a candidate to take on President Obama in 2012. They themselves have started early to see who has the stamina and most of all, the money to get the nomination.  The candidates vary in many ways but all seem to be going after each other more so than the last election. The issues are varied from immigration, to a balanced budget, but to date none have seemed to strike at the heart of the problem which is the economy and jobs.

The President seemed to have a plan in his last speech  but now it looks as though it will be another stimulus package to borrow more money. The issues for the President’s plan are more tax incentives for companies who hire more people, and increase the wages to help the economy. Other major issues are to continue more unemployment benefits for those who are still out of jobs. Although there was issues of our infrastructure, as in bridges, roads and other government projects that could get the economy going.
One major issue that no one seemed to want to tackle was the health care issue. All that was said by republicans was that we, the republicans, need to stop Obama’s health care plan.  Every candidate made it clear that they were going to try and stop Obamas plan. Other issues that seemed to be mixed by both parties were the pull out of our troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan as soon as possible. Just listening to other comments made by candidates of both parties — neither party wants to give in. That will be one of the biggest mistakes that both parties are making. While that is happening the Tea Party is gaining ground on their plan to put the two party system out of business. It has taken about 30 years for this transformation of a new party to happen, while the two parties were slugging it out .
The next revelation will be that our country as we know it will make a drastic transformation, one that we may not know. Will it be for the better, many do not think so. Even in the election coming up 14 months from now, it won’t bring any major changes in our economy until the country gets back on its feet on housing and jobs.

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