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Student Government gearing for legal battle to regain control at Delta Flea Market
By Mayra Barrios
(bw) Stockton, CA — “We have contacted an attorney and we plan to take our case to court,” said Nicholas Aguirre, President at Associated Student Body Government (ASBG). “It was the hard work of students that created the flea market and has made it what it is today,” Aguirre shared his frustration, “For administrators to say that now all of a sudden the flea market is to complex is an out-front and an outright lie.”

The management systems of the healthy flea market revenues had been a topic of discussion for months until an investigation unveiled an embezzlement case as former Flea Market Coordinator Robbin Sealey, pleaded guilty to grand theft at San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge on Wednesday, July 21st.

On August 17th San Joaquin Delta College superintendent/president, Dr. Jeff Marsee announced that the district will transition the supervision of its flea market from the Associated Student Body Government to the Delta College Foundation. “The difficulty of running a $500,000 annual operation has become too complex for a student group,” said el president, Dr. Marsee as he explained that the success of the student-run flea market became its own undoing.

“We [ASBG] believe that they are doing so as a way to make-up for their obligations to the Passport to College program,” said Aguirre.

Since 1981, ASBG has coordinated the Flea Market as a fundraising mechanism to support student body activities and scholarships. Now ASBG is pursuing other fundraising ventures to cover for their activities.

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2 thoughts on “Student Government gearing for legal battle to regain control at Delta Flea Market

  1. I guest students are too ignorant to run a flea market. Great message Marsee! Marsee just wants the money and will do whatever it takes to get his hands on it. Look at what he did at his prior school. He almost bankrupt them and took the ASB’s money too!

    Posted by Annon420 | September 14, 2011, 9:49 am
  2. It is possible for a college foundation to set up a restricted fund account that allows the ASBG 100% control over how the money is SPENT and also allows some participation in how the money is generated. Foundations do this all the time for donors and other accounts to respect the intentions of the donor and ensure funds are spent as the donor intended, while providing financial management by qualified staff. Why should it be any different for the ASBG? Funny, that option was not mentioned or even considered by the President or the Trustees. I wonder why.

    Posted by Gina Marie | September 7, 2011, 8:02 am

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