World Blood Donor Day

(BW) California – World Blood Donor Day on June 14 brings attention to the need for safe blood and blood products around the world; because, according to American Red Cross, Every three seconds someone needs a blood transfusion and at any given time.

The first World Blood Donor Day took place on June 14, 2004, in Johannesburg, South Africa. This specific day marks the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the ABO blood group system.  This year’s festivities will be hosted by the government of Argentina, with the theme focusing on “More blood, More life.”
“Maintaining a strong voluntary blood donor pool is critical to ensuring that patients have access to safe and robust blood supplies,” said AABB (formerly the American Association of Adelante-Media-Blood-Drive_Bilingual-Weeklyblowup_thumb[2]Blood Banks) Chief Executive Officer Karen Shoos Lipton, JD. “World Blood Donor Day provides a unique opportunity to bring global attention to the importance of voluntary donation as it is the blood on the shelves that saves lives.”
AABB encourages donors and potential donors to make giving blood a regular part of their lives. One unit of whole blood can save up to three lives. Additionally, you can donate Bone Marrow, and Blood Stem Cells or opt for a Autologous Transfusion.
“An Autologous Transfusions is for your own use in advance of surgery,” according to BloodSource who was one of the first to start the Autologous option in 1974.
Aaron Gilbreath, a medical assistant in Stockton, CA shared that he believes “Autologous Transfusions are a great option for lowering your future risk in receiving blood.”
According to Delta Blood Bank, “Some of the medical requirements for donors include: overall good health, 17 years of age and a minimum weight of 110 pounds. The entire process takes 4 easy steps: registration, medical background, mini-physical, donation and refreshments; the actual blood draw only takes approximately 10 minutes.”
Immediately following World Blood Donor Day, BloodSource will be stationed at La Superior on June 17th accepting donations, and offering a pint of Ice Cream with their program, “A Pint for a Pint.”


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One thought on “World Blood Donor Day

  1. Jehovah’s Witnesses blood transfusion confusion.
    Estimates range from 100,000 to 250,000 JW including countless children that have perished since the 1940s when the no blood transfusion doctrine was enforced.
    Simple fact-The Bible does not prohibit Blood transfusions.If you are bleeding to death it is more dangerous to refuse a blood transfusions than to take one.
    Bloodless surgeries are great if they can be elective.1/3rd of all trauma deaths are from blood loss.
    Watchtower society will not allow a Jehovah’s Witness to pre store their OWN blood called autologous blood,yet allows the transfusion of so-called Hemopure made from Bovine cow’s blood.
    —Danny Haszard

    Posted by Danny Haszard | June 14, 2011, 12:53 pm

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