Why Are We Still Friends With Pakistanis?

benignoAfter searching the world over for Osama Bin Laden we now have settled our debt with him and some of his associates who killed over 3,000 people at the twin towers on 911.

    Almost 10 years of searching for Osama Bin Laden, and now he’s gone. The question is, why were we still friends with the Pakistanis after all the damage they did to the Americans on 911? Not only did they kill all those people at the towers but all the troops that were killed trying to bring some peace to Saudi Arabia & the Pakistani people. They must have known his where about’s the whole 10 years but never helped us bring Bin Laden to justice. After the billions of dollars we spent trying to find him and fighting a useless war, we now are going to give them something like 3 billion dollars to help their economy. The Russian government spent 10 years trying to take over that area and ended up loosing thousands of troops and billions of their dollars and finally pulled out. While that was going on the U.S. and U.N. troops got involved and you know the rest of the story.
    When will we wake up and start taking care of America? Some say our intervention in that area was because of the abuse of innocent men women and children of those regions. I say hog wash.  It was about oil and power.
    Sure lets help the innocent women & children who are oppressed, by the leadership of that country but don’t get us embroiled in a world war. We have spent many years trying to help keep the peace in other countries, but look what it has done to America.  People get angry at our elected officials in congress, but no one seems to do anything about it. I have coffee with a guy who preaches to me personally that all elected officials in Washington D.C. should all have a lobotomy, before elected. I replied, “ why don’t you go to one of our congressman’s meet the people gatherings and look him in the eye and ask him “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  Many people think they know the answers but in reality they don’t.
    In the near future if we don’t harness the anger of the people in the USA we will have a revolution on our hands. Now that the TEA party has come forward with their idea on how America should be run, it just might be too late. President Obama says now that Osama Bin Laden is dead, we now have a handle on the Pakistani terrorists and soon they [the terrorists] will disappear. Maybe so but just long enough to fight another day. The fight will never end in that fraction of the world. We better start realizing the truth of the matter. As we see the local Pakistani government did nothing to stop our troops from getting Bin Laden. We are grateful that none of our people died in the assault, but now they are saying we killed an unarmed man & one of his wives. What are we to do because of Osama Bin Laden atrocities to all those people that were killed on 911 plus the 1500 Allied troops that have been killed to date? Now will someone else take over the leadership position of Bin Laden? Of course someone will, and how long before they create more damage to the world.
    To make things worse for America the tragedy that is occurring on the Mississippi river region, they are flooding millions of acres to save a few towns, and the repeat of the New Orleans Katrina flooding in that area. How are the people supposed to deal with that problem again? Many are going to say that the flooding is a very insignificant event compared to the Terrorist problem in the Middle East. Many say it is worst because of the loss of jobs and the food shortage that will occur. Before we spend another dollar to fight these hoodlums in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Pakistan, lets take care of the Americans who have been nickel & dimed for the last ten years fighting this never ending war.  Let them fight amongst themselves, and let us stay out of Harms Way. One more item of interest — if we stop sending money and troops to that area the war will stop.

(Please note that Bilingual Weekly is not aware of any clear connections between Al Quaeda, the global militant terrorist group, and the governments of the Middle East.  Nor any connection between the government or residents of Pakistan and the attacks of September 11, this piece is the opinion of Thomas Benigno)

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