OPINION:Is God Testing America


I thought I would write on this subject to get some feedback from our readers.  Is America being tested or is the world just falling apart? It seems as though every day something new is happening around the world.  The wars we are fighting in the middle east and the earth quakes in Japan, the tsunamis all over the world, floods, tornados, hurricanes, people killing each other and so on. The point that I’m trying to make is every time there is a world disaster, the U.S. is there to help. We are spending billions on wars to keep the peace all over the world but America has a problem. We don’t have the money to fix our own problems, as in Katrina, 5 years later and no rebuilding.  Now we see the effects of the Japan earthquake on American soil. When will other countries help America in our time of crisis? When was the last time any other country helped us out of a mess?

In the past we were a country that every other country looked up to for help. Now  we are no longer the country we once were because we have exhausted our resources to the limit. We cannot continue to help support other countries because of the trade barriers that have cut our GNP (Gross National Product) to the bone. We need to try and expand our gross national product by creating more business over here rather than importing products from other countries and sending jobs overseas. We need to expand our products around the world as we have done for decades. Many say we need to support the global economy but it’s not working because we need to have the jobs here to keep America ahead of the other countries in GNP. When we become another third world country we will fall apart. As we can see now there are no real money making jobs in America. Whose fault is that? It’s the mega corporate companies that want a better bottom line by hiring employees from other countries. In the meantime, our citizens are without jobs and the wars continue bleeding Americans of their right to have a job, a home, a family and some quality of life.   

As we can see, the latest disaster in Fukushima Japan will take billions of dollars to rebuild that area, not including the melt downs from the nuclear energy plants. At this point we can’t afford to run two wars and help fund the disasters all over the world. Where will this money come from? We could take title of their country as in collateral for loans as they did to us for the last 60 years, but who wants a thrashed country?  To borrow from Peter to pay Paul economics, that has been going on for decades and must now stop. Can we risk loosing other countries as friends? We must take that risk to save our own skin at this point. Many believe that we can create jobs by supporting wars and support every disaster that occurs all over the world. Don’t believe it.

The reason we are in such bad shape is that we feel we have to help all those that are in need all over the world and if we help others GOD will help America. It’s not for me to say that concept is wrong, but we need to know why America needs to be the leader of the world and yet be one of the weakest leaders in the eyes of the world on domestic issues. We need to be strong for those who came here looking for a dream, and now see nothing but despair all around America. Since the 911 attack we have bent to the ills of the world and not to those who are supporting the cause for America and GOD.

Thomas A Benigno

Former Elected Republican committee member.

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One thought on “OPINION:Is God Testing America

  1. 20 years ago we were loosing low pay jobs to oversea, no big deal. But now we are loosing high pay jobs. Our Tax code has to change to stop the flow. This is a great Nation, we will prosper again once the politicians start thinking for the people rather than their own.

    Posted by Stephen | April 15, 2011, 5:34 am

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