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McNerney advocates for Stockton USPS workers

Postal workers and community attend the open forum conducted by the USPS in Stockton on January 21, 2011 regarding the Stockton Center's closing.

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Today, February 7, 2011, Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-11) came out in defense of Stockton postal workers that —very likely— will be forced to move or commute to Sacramento.

The U.S. Postal Service is conducting a feasibility study prior to consolidation of the Stockton and Fresno Area Mail Processing centers with the one located in Sacramento.

McNerney sent a letter to Ms. Gail Sattler, USPS Sacramento District’s Consumer Affairs Manager and U.S. Postmaster General John Potter.

Below is the full content of the letter

February 7, 2011

Ms. Gail Sattler
Consumer Affairs Manager
Sacramento District
3775 Industrial Blvd.
West Sacramento, CA 95799-0070

Dear Ms. Sattler:

I am writing to you about the USPS Area Mail Processing (AMP) feasibility study for the processing and distribution facility in Stockton, CA. This study evaluates the potential consolidation of certain operations currently undertaken in Stockton to a facility in Sacramento, CA.

I understand that the Postal Service faces a difficult financial situation due to the economic downturn, an increase in online activity, and market competition. I appreciate that USPS is working diligently to consider cost-saving measures that can allow a return to financial health while preserving mail delivery services, an important undertaking. However, I wish to make you aware of specific concerns I have regarding the potential changes under consideration for the Stockton facility.

As you know, numerous residents attended a community meeting in Stockton to discuss the likely effects of the implementation of the plan on employees and the community. Many employees are understandably concerned by what these changes will mean for them, and I have heard from many people who are worried that they may be forced to commute long distances or relocate their families. Such disruptions should be avoided to the greatest extent possible.

In addition, I understand that the AMP study has not been released to the public. Should USPS decide to relocate operations of the Stockton facility, it is crucial that employees are able to fully understand the reasons behind this action. I ask that you provide my office with a copy of the study. In addition, I feel it is essential that this study be made available to members of the public who request it so that an independent analysis of the Postal Service’s decision making process can be possible.

I am confident that USPS can address these difficulties in a manner that is considerate to its Stockton employees. I urge you to make every effort to keep postal employees, members of the community, and me fully informed as you make decisions affecting Stockton and surrounding communities. Any final decisions should be made in a fully transparent manner that respects the needs of USPS employees, their families, and community members.

I look forward to working with you to make sure that postal services in Stockton are of the highest quality and that USPS employees in the area receive fair treatment. Please feel free to contact me or my staff at (202) 225-1947 to discuss this issue further.


Jerry McNerney
Member of Congress

Cc: Postmaster General John Potter

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One thought on “McNerney advocates for Stockton USPS workers

  1. A generic form letter! And you can tell that this Congressman (or his staff) have no real interest in this or anything to do with the USPS. He CCed Jack Potter, who retired 3 months ago! The generic form letter sent back to the Congressman should be addressed to Richard Pombo (his predecessor)!

    The USPS HAS to get aggressive about closing small processing centers, and consolidating them into nearby larger facilities. There are approximately 320 processing facilities nationwide, that cancel mail. There should be about 200.

    Local employees will have a job if they want one. If a new position is more than 50 miles from their current home, the USPS will pay to relocate them. They will also be offered the opportunity to take an early retirement.

    It’s time for politicians to do what’s right for the country, as a whole, to ensure that there is a self-supporting postal system in 10 years. The standard cry of “not in my back yard” when it comes to closing unneeded facilities won’t work anymore.

    Posted by robertP | February 8, 2011, 1:13 pm

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