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Opinion: Enough!

Oscar Brun / Guest Columnist

With the resurgence of the anti-immigration sentiment, the accusations, critiques and threats have proliferated alarmingly.
The arguments are the illegal entry to the country, the harm they cause by taking the jobs of legal residents, and covering the cost of tending to their medical needs and their children’s schooling because they don’t pay any taxes.
They claim to be worried only about the law being violated, and that they welcome with open arms those who come here legally.
Looking at some of the history of this country, I wonder if the first comers, the Pilgrims, came in with an entry visa granted by the natives of the American continent (the only true inhabitants of the American continent), which were in time almost completely annihilated and whose survivors were relegated to various reservations, in which they actually live today.
Likewise I wonder if the entrance in Iraq of thousands of American soldiers of the US Army was conducted with an official visa?
The good taxpayers cry that their taxes are not meant to cover neither the undocumented immigrants’ medical costs nor the education of the children. However, they don’t say much when their tax paying dollars are used for military adventures which contribute to the death of thousands of young Americans, who sadly offered their lives as a civic duty.
The blindness, caused mainly by racism, overshadows positive aspects that contribute to the development of the economic machine, for the welfare of the citizenry because the immigrant —by paying for rent, basic utilities, groceries and electric appliances, a car, clothing, utilizing public transportation, etc.— contributes directly to the monetary circulation, boosting the production of goods for the benefit of the manufacturers, providers and sales people. Obviously, every good purchased includes the taxes mandated by law.
When they suggest that they are only against the undocumented —how do they know who is and is not undocumented? I could be deemed a Mexican, as I am short, brown and sport a moustache, yet no one has asked me if I am legally here or not.
Finally, the good citizens claim they just demand compliance for the law, broken by the people who enter our country illegally but —what they say about the more than two million people with three or more D.U.I.s and to the three-times as large number of people with only one D.U.I. (data from M.A.D.D.)? Why don’t they say a something or do something against all of those millions of potential assassins that by violating the law are the biggest threat to us all? Where are the proud members of the Tea Party? Don’t they consider this crime is a hundred times worse than that of a person who works, produces, consumes and is part of the economy of this country?
And about those jobs taken away from good legal citizens, we know that only those sacrificed individuals can perform them due to the extreme requirements and conditions. But they don’t mention all the big industries that took their manufacturing to Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc., and of the outsourcing to India or the Philippines with contracts that take away qualified, national, specialized and well paid jobs.
Enough of this hypocrisy! All detractors should perform a conscience self-examination (the ones who have one) and once and for all act accordingly to common sense or reality, for a solution to this situation in the interest of pacific coexistence between rational human beings.

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