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Obama: DREAM is a good investment

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President Obama’s State of the Union’s challenge to Congress to pass immigration reform legislation this year with a bipartisan approach made ripples among Latino communities throughout the country, but none as when he described his support for —without naming it— the DREAM Act.

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) —a coalition of the 30 leading Hispanic organizations in the US— said they “were encouraged that the President forcefully addressed the need to pass the DREAM Act and give undocumented workers the chance to come out of the shadows,” adding that the Federal government must address immigration reform this session to preempt a slew of punitive yet ineffective state laws that have been introduced across the country.
“Immigration policies that simply don’t make sense, such as turning away the best and brightest minds from around the world,” said Benjamin Johnson, Executive Director of the American Immigration Council, “sending foreign students back to their countries to compete against us, or denying an education to students who have the potential to fill the jobs of the future.”

In Stockton Dr. Ines Ruiz-Huston, president of the Coalition of Mexican American Organizations (COMA), said, “It’s just wonderful to see that the President not only realizes the value of an educated youth, but that he’s will keep pushing for the DREAM”

“It’s not a matter of who’s documented or undocumented,” added Stockton Unified School District trustee Sara Cazares, “but who’s capable, about creating an educated workforce that will stay, be better off, and provide for the next generation.”

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4 thoughts on “Obama: DREAM is a good investment

  1. The Dream Act should only be passed in the context of comprehensive immigration reform, not as a stand-alone bill. Why? Because it leaves more than ten million suffering immigrants behind without any hope of change in the foreseeable future.
    Solution? Swift legalization of the otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants in 2011 combined with making E-verify mandatory plus the creation of a robust guest worker program.

    Posted by Emma | January 30, 2011, 3:14 pm


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