State Budget Challenge

California State Capitol

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The offices of Senator Lois Wolk via Bilingual Weekly Newspaper

WEST SACRAMENTO, CAState Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) announced today that in less than two weeks she will open the floor of the West Sacramento Community Center to suggestions on how to solve the state’s estimated $25.4 billion state budget deficit.

Wolk invites her constituents to take the Next 10 California Budget Challenge at the free, interactive event she will assist in hosting on Thursday, January 27, along with Next 10, an independent, non-partisan group dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering Californians to improve the state’s future.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Californians to learn more about the challenges involved in balancing their state budget,” Wolk said of the challenge, which allows participants to vote on policy options that affect the budget. “The Next 10 Budget Challenge offers everyone a chance to try their hand at making the tough decisions necessary to solving California’s budget crisis, using real data on the state’s revenue and expenditures.”

Wolk will be able to give unique insight into the budget process and proposed budget reforms as the chair of the newly consolidated Senate Governance and Finance Committee, tasked with reforming the budget process and restructuring the relationship between state and local governments. She will also serve on the Senate’s budget committee.

According to Next 10, over 200,000 people have taken the California Budget Challenge since it debuted in 2005. Anyone interested in taking the challenge can attend the event or visit Wolk’s website, which has a link to the California Budget Challenge and will follow her efforts to enact reform. Participants can also bring their budget plan to Wolk.

“Any successful budget proposal must include a plan to bring the power to make these kinds of decisions closer to the people,” she said. “I look forward to meeting with my constituents at this event and hearing their ideas in the year to come. We will need to work together if we are to enact real reforms necessary to make government more efficient and responsive to the needs of the people.”

DATE: Thursday, January 27

TIME: 6:30 pm.-9:00 P.M.

LOCATION: West Sacramento Community Center, 1075 West Capitol Avenue

Those wishing to attend or get more information on the free event can contact Wolk’s Vacaville district office at (707) 454-3808.

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