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Sunday Commentary: The Things We Can’t Control or Understand

Father Dean McFalls / St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Stockton, CA
Special to Bilingual Weekly

Sometimes nature seems to go nuts.  In fact, it’s been happening since the beginning of time.  We see evidence in fossil remains of species suddenly gone extinct, in layers of sedimentary rock mysteriously devoid of any life traces, in weather patterns turned erratic from eons gone by.  We speculate of super-novas and solar flares bombarding the planet with cosmic rays, of comets shifting earth’s axis and giant meteorites slamming into its porous surface, of catastrophic earthquakes and devastating volcanic activity. Continue reading

Foggy view (photo feature)

Stockton, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Tule fog made quite a show this past week on the San Joaquin Valley —from Sacramento to Bakersfield. Tule fog forms during the rainy season (late fall and winter) after the first significant rainfall in the California’s Great Central Valley. The following pictures are part of a selection captured around San Joaquin County on Thursday, January 5, 2011, by Bilingual Weekly photographer Monica Radrigan.

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